Money Tips Week!!

We will share one of our money saving tips with you each day this week. As a family with only one income we have to be creative when saving money and sometimes that means not getting things we want to have or even just having to wait but today that’s not it all you have to do to save money with tip number one is…….. SAVE YOUR SPARE CHANGE!!!! That’s it, sounds simple doesn’t it, well it is every day or whenever you get a little extra change (feel free to throw in an extra dollar bill every now and then) in your pockets just toss it in a jar and forget about it and before you know it you’ve got quite a stash of money. We went through that and in just 2 weeks we had in $23 which may not seem like a lot but that’s only change no dollar bills at all so add that in and the amount just keeps increasing, we kept that up for a couple more weeks and now have $219 and yes we did add in some dollar bills in with that but the thing is, it was all extra just sitting in our pockets. So after you get done at the grocery store and have a little extra change instead of going for that candy bar save up that money and see just how much you can get!!



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