Why should we eat together as a family vs. in front of the t.v.?

There are many benefits to eating together. It has been proven that children that eat at the table with their families have an attachment/ relationship with their parents effectively eliminating any communication issues. Ever wonder why your child especially teens don’t openly tell you about their day at school or work? If you’re not used to eating together as a family your child may not know how to communicate with you at a comfortable level. Many times the dinner table is a way to relax everyone from the pressures of the day . This will openly create an enviroment or a safety net if you will for your child to willingly express what they face day to day. For children who do not sit with their families for dinner often find themselves in the den or their bedroom in front of a t.v.. This type of enviroment limits the opportunities for your child to feel relaxed enough to talk openly with you. How many times does your child approach you for a conversation while you work at home, on a project or even during a game only to hear the words “Not now, can’t this wait until some other time?” or “Can’t you see i’m busy? Why are you bothering me?” No one feels comfortable being cast out that way so most of the time your child may just forget what they were even going to talk about or eventually become like a recluse hiding in their bedroom. As simple or as unbelieveable this idea may be, give it try and you may find the results are well worth giving up some time in the office or during your favorite t.v. show.



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