Making time for our children

We as parents need to realize how fast time goes by and before we know it our children are no longer those tiny newborn babies we once snuggled in our arms, they are growing up and before long they will be all grown and out of the house and that precious time we once had is now gone.  We just sat down together and looked at what all we weren’t doing that we need to be and now is a time for change, now of course there are things that you have to do so you can’t just sit and play with your children all day long, but make time for them purposeful time to just make it all about them and what they want to do sit down in the floor with them and play or go outside and run around dig in the dirt. Just have FUN with them no worries about what housework needs to be done or whatever else you have on your to-do list put it all away and be with them love them.   When it comes time for you to complete your daily tasks that need to get done, invite them to help you out as much as they can no matter what you are doing there’s always some way that they can help out if they want to be creative and give them fun tasks, when doing this not only do they get special time with you but they also learn responsibility and how to run a household.



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