money tip #5

Sorry for not having our weekly tips done daily, we had to skip a few days of blogging, we had 3 sick children all at once which put a stop to almost everything that our household normally does, now that everyone is getting better we can pick up where we left off, so here is money tip number 5.  THRIFT STORES!!!!! I love going to thrift shops to find something “new” and usually at a third of the price of what you would get it for at the store (and if you find really good deals it’s even less than that). As a family of five with 3 small children who are constantly growing out of their clothes and shoes it wouldn’t be very wise of us to spend our money on new clothes and shoes for them, it would cost us so much money when I can go to the thrift stores and buy several full outfits and shoes for all of them and spend less than $10 if I bought all of that stuff new, I wouldn’t have even been able to buy 1 full outfit. If you are one of those people who think it’s gross to wear used clothing just take it home and wash it well even more than once if that makes you feel more comfortable with all the money you saved running the wash more than once isn’t going to matter. We also thrift for more than just clothes, any household items can be found at thrift stores, like those really nice expensive pots and pans can usually be found in thrift shops for $1-$2 isn’t that just awesome, I get excited thinking about it, weird I know but hey that’s how we save a ton of money that can be better used somewhere else, I also feel that through doing that we are being good stewards with the money God has given us, and we are protecting His earth by using fewer resources to have new clothes made. So, here’s your challenge, try for 3 months to get everything that you need (other than food of course) from a thrift shop and just add up your savings, it will amaze you!!! Hope you enjoy the challenge and don’t forget, don’t make it a chore make it fun.

– Sarah



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