Money Tip #7

Vacations, everyone loves to take them but we don’t always have the money to go, so when you do make sure you don’t spend a fortune on it. Plan the vacation a good bit ahead of time, depending on different events that may be going on around where you want to stay, you can catch good deals so plan to stay there those certain times of the year. Plan out for the most part what you are going to want to do while on your vacation and save up the money so there won’t be any surprising costs you weren’t expecting nothing can ruin a vacation more than not getting to do anything because costs are so much higher than you though they would be.  Plan for eating out or buying your food to cook (even if you intend on cooking your food still plan for eating out when you get there you’re probably going to realize that you really just want to enjoy your time and not have to do any work even cooking).


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