Don’t give up!!

The other day as I was feeling discouraged, I was unmotivated to do anything and felt like I was never going to get done what I had to do that day I stumbled across this verse:

“Let us not be weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

This gave me so much peace and it can give anyone peace in my situation, it let me know that if I do what I need to for our household and for our children and not give up, I WILL reap a harvest, whether that be when my children are grown and live their lives with love and obedience to the Lord, or if my household starts to run more smoothly because I work hard at planning and keeping up with it so that everyone is relaxed and happy.  I was able to relax after reading this and know that if I do work hard and don’t give up it will be worth it, and even if I don’t reap the harvest here on earth I will in Heaven.  So, if you are feeling discouraged, and like it’s not worth it or you are just tired just remember if we do not give up, we will reap a harvest and it will be worth it, hold on to that promise God has given us.

What are some of your struggles, what makes you feel discouraged from time to time?  How do you deal with that?  One thing that helps me is to write these verses down and put them in places I know I’m going to see them I put them on my cleaning checklists because I know I’ll see it everyday, or a great tip from a friend of mine is to write them on index cards and place the verses around the house and that really does help.

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