Back To Blogging

We have been gone from this blog for a while, and I’m finally getting back to it!!  Life had been really busy and a lot has changed since I posted last so, I’ll catch you all up a bit.

Well, our children have all had birthdays, so Jeremiah is now 5, Caidence is now 3, and Isabelle is now 1 I just can’t believe how fast time flies by it’s just crazy. But also, some extra news we are now expecting baby number 4!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m due on December 10th which if this baby is anything like my others then it will be before that, we are expecting another boy and we are so excited.  It took a while for this pregnancy to sink in, this time it was a total surprise, and soon after we found out we were pregnant we thought I was having a miscarriage which was very hard to deal with, going from total surprise to now this new life is being ripped away was not an easy thing at all, I almost blocked feeling about it in a way it’s really hard to describe or understand unless you’ve experienced it but, our God is awesome, amazing, wonderful, and so many more words I can’t even express and I am now almost 26 weeks along with a very healthy baby!!

We have now started our second year homeschooling so Jeremiah is now in K-5, Caidence and Isabelle love joining in too a good bit of the time which is very interesting at times, the keep me on my toes that’s for sure.

Honestly I guess not much else has changed other than that and we have started a new healthier lifestyle now trying to cut out all processed foods, and we workout 4 days a week which has made this pregnancy so much easier than the others and half the time I don’t even feel pregnant which is great!  It’s amazing how the food we put into our bodies and how much water we drink can affect us and how we feel.  I feel better now being pregnant than I did when I wasn’t so now I’m very excited to see how much better I feel after I have this sweet boy.

Sorry we took such a long break from blogging, hopefully you guys will check out what we’re posting now and I will keep up with this 🙂


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