The Fun Part Of Homeschooling

We are still new to our homeschooling adventure, my son did K-4 last year and we started K-5 in June and so far we love it!!!!  But, there are some days that are much more exciting and fun than others, some days are really stressful and it’s like pulling teeth to get any work done (that includes for me I can have off days too you know) but then there are those days where everything comes together and we all have a great time doing school together even my 3 year old and 1 year old love joining in and it’s wonderful.

We had one of those fun days yesterday, one of the biggest reasons being we all knew we got to make an apple pie for math and some science isn’t it awesome that baking counts as school, I think so!  Well, we enjoyed it so much my son got to measure and chop apples and layer the pie and we got to enjoy learning and have fun together it was such a great bonding moment too, I love getting to do things like that with them and today the girls were in nap while we made the pie and as fun as it would have been for them to get to help I also love one on one time with each of the kids too and that’s what we did we enjoyed our one on one time together baking for school!  Did the pie turn out looking perfect of course not but that’s not what matters we got to make memories together and enjoy a yummy treat afterward.  What fun things do you do in your homeschooling adventures, I would love to hear them, tell me some of your favorites.

There it is, our not so perfect but delicious apple pie! You don’t have to do it perfectly to teach them or to just have fun so don’t worry, if I can do it so can you!



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