Your own boss

Last week our focus of homeschool was leaves we studied the letter L, learned all about leaves and trees, did tons of arts and crafts with leaves, learned about different types of leaves and much more, but the one thing we did that has stuck with Jeremiah the most was when we learned what happens when we get away from God.

To demonstrate that, we went outside found a nice healthy plant and plucked a leaf off of the plant and brought it inside.  This leaf wanted to be his own boss, he was no longer attached to the stem which represented God, he was out on his own and had to do everything by himself.  Jeremiah gave his guesses as to what would happen to the leaf and over the next several days we observed that leaf compared to the other leaves on the plant and eventually the leaf shriveled up and died as he had guessed.  Why was this what stuck with my son, I don’t know why this one topic stuck with him over all we learned, I mean sure he learned more but this is the one thing he continues to bring up but it’s the most important thing of our entire week because, without God we can’t do anything.  Will we physically die if we choose to live without God well, of course we will all die one day but not right away, but we will be empty, always searching for something but never be satisfied, will we have what we need sure for some even without Christ you could have what you need to survive but the one thing you will never have is the relationship with Jesus which is the most important relationship we could ever have.  But, another great loss will be when death does eventually occur and then are eternally separated from God the spiritual death and that is something you can never change once you die that’s it, either you accepted Christ or you didn’t plain and simple.

I am so happy that this stuck with my son, he knows we need God, he loves God and knows that God loves him but most importantly he knows that without God we can do nothing.  If that is all he learns from what I teach him that will be fine with me.  If he doesn’t understand another thing I teach him other than that he needs God and to live for Him I am perfectly fine with that.

I love how when we bring biblical truths down to a child’s level it makes it seem so easy to understand I am learning things that I have “known” all of my life so much more now just because I’m not making it seem so complicated.  Maybe we all need to get on our children’t level more often and learn we are making life harder than it should be to understand sometimes.  Just remember, don’t try to be your own boss, lean on God and trust Him with your life.


2 thoughts on “Your own boss

  1. Thanks for commenting! I love how simple God really spells it out for us when we don’t try to make it seem complicated, I’m going to continue trying to find more ways to not only show the more simple ways of understanding to my children, but also a huge part for myself as well.

  2. Valerie says:

    That is an awesome analogy!! 😀

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