Favorite Kid’s Books!!

We have a few favorite books around here, the top one’s on our list would have to be any Curious George books, the kids love them especially Jeremiah he’s the biggest fan of them.  The book Love you Forever even though I cry every time I read it is a favorite, especially at the end when I always ask will you always be my baby and I get the best answer in the world “Yes!” followed by sweet kisses.  We recently ran upon some books by David Shannon, those are pretty cute, we read the one’s called “no, David” and too many toys which our children could totally relate to 🙂 I wish I were joking!!

Jeremiah’s all time favorite bible story ever would have to be David and Goliath, and Caidence and Isabelle don’t have favorites yet, they love whichever ones are read to them!

I’m trying to read at least one book to the kids each day I want them to have a love of reading I love just getting wrapped up in a book, it becomes your own little world for a while (hopefully I’m not the only one who feels that way).

What are your favorite books to read, children’s books and one’s you read for yourself I would love to hear them, it’s always great to add to your reading collection!


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