Going To Try This

Have you guys seen this thing (I wish I would have been the one to come up with this idea it’s great but I’m not), I saw this last week, and I thought this would be an awesome idea since Jeremiah is like almost every other 5-year-old boy out there and he has a hard time cleaning up after himself and his room is currently a disaster area!


I told him we would be starting this very soon, that he needs to go ahead and clean up his entire room and that from the moment it’s clean every night we will go through his room and if he leaves something out it will go into this bin and he will have to do a chore to get it back.

His response was “Ok, I’ll make sure to pick up all my toys, every night, I’ll never leave them out.”  So, we’ll see how long it actually does stay that way.  I’m really excited about trying it, the girls keep their room really clean and they do pick up all their toys every night so I don’t think I’ll have to use this much with them but I’m pretty sure lots of chores will be getting done by my sweet boy though.

What are all of your thoughts on this?  Do you do anything similar to this to keep the kids rooms in order or something completely different?  Let me know.  Once we get to doing this and have been doing it for a bit, I’ll let you know how it works!

Here’s what it says on the bin in case you can’t see:  You left it out mom picked it up she’s got your stuff you’re out of luck to get it back must do a chore again it is yours just like before.


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