Ready For Baby!


Yesterday I went to target because I had gotten a gift card from them in the mail to get something for the baby.  I don’t even remember signing up for anything but for some reason they have sent me a gift card for every one of my pregnancies, but hey, I’m not complaining.  But, as I was looking through the baby section it dawned on me that with this being our fourth child the items that I “need” have really changed.

I remember going through target when I was pregnant with Jeremiah.  Justin and I were doing the baby registry and we were scanning almost everything, and we thought we needed it all.  But, yesterday the only things I could think of that we had to have were diapers, clothes, and some bottles.  That was it, once the baby gets here we’ll add formula to that list but nothing else.  I do already have a few other things from the other babies like blankets, a bouncy seat, and the crib but other than that I really can’t think of any other necessities.  So, I just got some bottles with my gift card and a cute little dry erase calendar (not for baby but will help me remember things with my baby brain…… I wish I were joking) so now we only have to get some clothes and some diapers and we will pretty much be set until he’s here.

One other thing I realized it is that we’ve only got 90 days until he gets here.  Three months, that’s it!  How crazy is that, I just can’t believe it in 6 more days I will be in the third trimester, the home stretch.  It never ceases to amaze me how at the beginning of every pregnancy it seems to take forever and then you get this close and it’s like how in the world did it happen this fast.

Now, I have the jitters.  Not nervous about the baby, I think I got over the nervousness of childbirth after having Caidence but just the waiting game now is when time flies until the very last week.  Now is when you have to make sure to have everything ready, get plans in order for who will watch the others while you’re in the hospital, making sure to have a nice schedule going for everyone so when the baby gets here it can still feel like normal.  All of that, that’s what gets me when it gets this close to time.

So, what gets you when you realize you don’t have that much time left?  Do you get those jitters or not?

What is different from your first child versus your other pregnancies?  Have you realized what the necessities are for you do they differ from what you first thought?  Or, are you a first time mom?

Any other baby topics you want to see?  Any tips?  Just comment and let me know. 🙂

* The picture at the top is our sweet baby, we got this picture at our ultrasound on tuesday, I love the detail, he looks just like Jeremiah did when I was pregnant with him.





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