A Challenge For You Readers

Justin and I had gotten out of reading the bible for a while I hate to say.  There was a time when every night we would read the bible and a devotional book and then pray together, and somehow we got out of that habit and before we knew it, a few months had gone by without us doing this.  Matter of fact a few months had gone by without us even opening our bibles at all other than a church.

Isn’t it funny how it seems to work out that way, we wouldn’t go without so many things for that long ever, but, the one thing that we need that will make an eternal difference and we don’t pick it up.  Justin was telling me one day a few weeks ago now about preaching he heard on the radio and then again I’m sure it wasn’t by coincidence our preacher told about a similar scenario of how what if a very important person, someone who was very major to us, a political figure, a well-known pastor anyone like that had a letter for us just for us, we couldn’t wait to go and read it we wouldn’t be able to focus on anything else until we read that letter.  That’s exactly what God has given to us through His word.  He wrote a letter just for us, to get us through anything in this life and yet we don’t pick it up every single day and read it.

So, on with the challenge, we have now been reading our bibles daily, sometimes multiple times per day and it has been such a blessing I feel so much closer to God and I am learning so much more that I didn’t even know before (isn’t it neat how the bible is like that you can always get something different from it).  I want to challenge you to pick up your bible and read it every single day even if you only have 5 minutes, give that 5 minutes to the Lord and read His word, you will be glad you did.  It doesn’t matter where you start, we just picked our bibles up and started from the very beginning some people like to start by reading the gospels or, if you just want to pick somewhere and start to read, do that but whatever you do just make sure you get to it everyday whenever you can.

As the children’s song goes: Read your bible and pray everyday and you’ll grow, grow, grow!

 Let us know if you will take us up on our challenge, just comment below!! 


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