He Guards You

“But the Lord is faithful.  He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.” 2 Thessalonians 3:3


He Has Overcome!

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Challenge #5

How has challenge 4 been going?  Are your children getting into picking up after themselves or are they putting up a fuss?  If it has been tough and they don’t want to cooperate, just persevere it will be worth it, I know it will take time but you can do it!!

Do you have a plan for getting your laundry done?  I used to never have a “plan” I just did laundry when I felt up to it which was a horrible plan because let’s face it, I hate doing laundry and very rarely felt up to it and laundry would get piled up and once I did get to it, it was much harder to get through than if I would have kept up with it.


CHALLENGE #5: DO ONE LOAD OF LAUNDRY A DAY. I started implementing a new plan, to do laundry every single day.  Even if it was only a very small amount, laundry got washed, dried, and folded once every single day and before I knew it I started enjoying doing my laundry……………. ok that is completely un-true, I still can’t stand doing laundry, but I can truthfully say that doing it only one time every day makes it so much easier and makes laundry seem not so bad and I can get through the laundry for the day (not counting the time it is washing and drying) in about 30 minutes or less and that’s including everything being folded/hung, and put away!  Go get started on this challenge!  An additional tip I have for this is to start a load washing early in the morning and then switch it over as soon as it’s finished that way you can fold/hang it and have everything put away earlier in the day instead of saving this for the night.  That will help you feel more accomplished just to have it done earlier and you will have plenty of time to do the other things you need to do at night. 

*If you are at the place where you have put off laundry for a while and have a ton to get through don’t just totally skip this part of our challenge because you feel like you can’t get it done, I encourage you to just at least start with one load of laundry a day and try to add in a couple extra loads here and there and before you know it you WILL be caught up, I promise, if I can do it you can too!!

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Have you guys ever heard of this stuff or used it?  Well, this is now something that I love, not for the taste, the taste to me is absolutely horrible no matter how you try to make it better, I just don’t like it one bit as far as that goes, but the benefits far outweigh that.

I drink it at the end of all of my pregnancies, sadly I didn’t learn about this stuff until I was pregnant with Isabelle, but at least I was able to drink it with her and now with this pregnancy.  What it does is it tones the uterus and helps you have much more efficient contractions which means a shorter labor and easier pushing or in my case, no pushing at all!!  Not to mention the fact that it helps you get in lots of fluids which helps you be more healthy.   I usually start drinking it at about 28 weeks of pregnancy, some people say it’s not safe to drink earlier in pregnancy but I’m not sure I’m no doctor so I’m not going to give advice on that , but I have never tried it at the beginning just because I don’t think I could bear drinking it for that long but I can’t weigh in on that part of it.  But, I do recommend it for the end of pregnancy for sure.

But what I do know is that it really does work, it made my labor much shorter and as I said as far as delivery goes, it was very, very easy!  You have to think of it in this way, our uterus is a muscle and it needs to be worked out the same as any other muscle in our body, but we can’t just go to the gym and work it out so here is a wonderful plant that God gave us to do that. Here’s how I make mine:  I boil 8 cups of water at a time, remove it from the heat and then add in 8 heaping Tablespoons of the loose leaf tea I stir it all together then cover it and let it steep all day long then I strain the tea and I drink 4 cups per day so you will have to repeat the process every two days unless you brew more.  The way I make my tea, it’s really strong but that’s the way I learned to make it and I’m sticking with what works.  You can also buy the tea in bags and I think they even make capsules you can take but I prefer making mine from loose leaf plus it’s a whole lot cheaper that way too.  So, if any of my readers are pregnant as well, I would certainly recommend you try this tea!

Have any of you tried this tea before?  Did it help you in your labor and delivery?  Let me know.

*As I said before in the post I am not a medical professional and I’m not giving medical advice, I’m just sharing what worked for me so you could choose if you want to try it out for yourself.