Update: Uh-Oh Bin

Well, I told you I would do an update on the uh-oh bin when I did the post at the beginning of last month, well, if there were something to update I would but, not once have I had to take away anything, Jeremiah has been keeping his room completely clean.  He even voluntarily cleans his own room now, I guess just knowing that those things could be taken away has made him want to be more responsible, he even goes so far as to make his bed without even being asked!

I’m so proud of him and how he makes his own decision to keep his room clean so he doesn’t have to face those consequences, it shows me how much more my sweet baby is growing and maturing.  I’m sure there will come a time that I will have to pull out the bin and some things will have to be taken away but as of now I haven’t had to.

Let me know, have you tried using the bin? If so, have you had any success with it?  I would love to hear from you.


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