Sorry I Have Been Gone, You’ll See Why………With A (Now) Funny Twist

So sorry I haven’t posted since the 8th, but I will explain.

Well, we were spending the day with friends and enjoying family time and we decided to go outside, when we did we noticed that one side of our yard in the back was completely flooded, and we heard water rushing from the side so my husband went to the water shut off at the end of our yard and cut the water off and he proceeded to call our insurance adjuster because at this point the insulation under the house was filled with water.  Then, we went inside the house and to our master bathroom and saw that the problem was bigger than we had first thought.  Our master bathroom and closet  had a few inches of standing water and half of our master bedroom was flooded as well.  So we grabbed all the towels in the house to dry up as much as we could of the water.

The next day we had some contractors come out and dry it all out and thankfully we didn’t have to replace sub-flooring just the vinyl that was on top and some of the padding under the carpet that was in the bedroom that was great.  Turns out we had a busted pipe and we wouldn’t be able to have any water connected to the house for several days so that’s the main reason why I wasn’t able to write.  We were thankfully able to stay with friends and family instead of a hotel, and now we are almost ready to start putting flooring back in and yay we are back in our own home and I can get back to blogging!!  I really missed it and I stressed out so badly but as God always does He showed me that instead of doubting I needed to just trust in Him and He would take care of us!  I was only able to get one picture because honestly I was so stressed out that pictures were the last thing on my mind at the time but I’ll share the one I got with you:1012131312_01

The bathroom still looks like this, our garden tub is actually in the master bedroom right now until we get the flooring put in, we are camped out in the living room, and one of the kids bedrooms has now become a storage room for everything that was in the rooms

And, now comes the funny twist……………………………………………………

As I had just finished typing the last sentence my son came in to inform me that after he had used the restroom in my master bath that the floor had flooded again, so I jumped up and ran in there to see what exactly was going on and to my horror my bathroom was completely flooded yet again and water was very rapidly pouring out of the toilet all over my floor which was now covered by at least an inch of water.  I shut off the water and then got to cleaning up. So, I had the idea of instead of just using towels I grabbed a handful of what I call piddle pads the house training pads for dogs and got up a ton of the water and then dried it with towels and once again I stressed out which I shouldn’t have done, but I’m working on that and then Jeremiah in all his 5-year-old wisdom told me, “Mama, you don’t need to be afraid about the bathroom flooding, because God is always with you.”  Oh, how true that is!  So, now that I’m no longer stressed out, and we realized that the only problem was that we have to teach our sweet child to not use so much toilet paper it’s all fine now.  So, now I’m back to posting again!!

Have you had a time in your life where you continued to be stressed out and it seemed like more and more bad was just continuing to happen over and over again?  How did you make it through?  How did you find the peace of God through it all?


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