Do You Do Halloween?

With Halloween right around the corner I was wondering do any of you partake in this holiday?  We don’t but we do if that makes any sense.  Every year our church has a trunk-or-treat where people decorate their cars and everyone in the town is invited to come and join in, they have bouncy houses for kids, food, drinks, and other snacks and fun things to do.  We go to that and for the past two years this will be our third we have also decorated our van and we let the kids dress up in costumes.  To us, though it’s not about Halloween, it’s about getting together with friends enjoying our time and having time of fellowship with other Christians.

We don’t however go house to house, we don’t go around saying “happy Halloween” just because I don’t like it because of where the whole holiday originated.  We don’t let the kids dress up in anything scary or anything that wouldn’t be pleasing to God.  We don’t go around trying to scare one another and things like that.

What do you do for Halloween?  Do you dress up or do nothing at all?  Why did you choose to do or not to do certain things?  Feel free to send in fun pictures of what you do I’ll try to make sure and post some of the fun we have with our church this year!


5 thoughts on “Do You Do Halloween?

  1. Latrecia says:

    *don’t believe in*

  2. Latrecia says:

    We do not participate in Halloween. I don’te believe i scaring others, dressing up like goblins and saying “trick or treat.” We also strive to please the Lord in everything we do so instead we stay at home and have a “hallelujah party!” This year we are thinking of inviting friends and family over to celebrate as well!

    • Thank you for commenting, I love the idea of a hallelujah party, such a great idea! Wonderful thought to get family and friends involved too, maybe they do celebrate it, but don’t understand why maybe they shouldn’t it would be nice for you to show them a way to serve the Lord and have fun all the same time so they don’t feel like they are missing out. What all do you do in your hallelujah party? I would love to hear more about it and maybe incorporate that in what we do in our family.

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