Gentleness of Children

Don’t you just love how kind and gentle children are, not the time when they are throwing a temper tantrum or are upset and don’t want to listen at all whatsoever, but those precious times when they show just how innocent they really are.

The other night Justin and I got to witness that in one of our sweet baby girls, Caidence had been playing with her baby all day long she had been putting diapers on her she had wrapped her up in a blanket to keep her warm, she fed her, took her temperature with their thermometer, she just loved on her baby and then night-time came.  She had taken her baby and layed out a blanket for her on our bed and then she layed the baby down on top of the blanket, she then wrapped her up and leaned down and prayed with her baby and then she asked us to pray with her too so we did and we all gave the baby a kiss per Caidence’s request.  After that, she found something she could use as her baby’s bed layed her down and even gave her a toy to comfort her because Caidence always likes to have a toy with her in bed as well.

As I watched her I realized that to her she was really showing love and care to that baby it wasn’t just a game to her and also as I watch the kids when it’s time for them to go to bed, they want to pray with each other and give hugs and kisses to each other as well and I realized that everything that we teach them even if it’s just by our action they are being taught.  That we have instilled even in our three-year-old daughter the importance of prayer and of love and care for one another and that made me realize that our actions mean so much more than I could ever imagine, our actions are helping to mold these precious children God has gifted us with and we have to be careful not to teach them to do wrong by our actions, but to always do good and to trust in God.

So, as you go about your day just remember that those little one’s see what we are doing and it has a far greater affect on them than we could ever imagine.


What has your child learned from your actions?  Any precious moments with them that you want to share?  Comment below



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