Homemaking Challenge #3

Are you loving the challenges so far?  How is it going with the first two?  Is it making life a little bit easier on you?

On to the next challenge, if your house is like ours, the kitchen counter is like a magnet, for some reason everything ends up there……. EVERYTHING and before you know it all this stuff just appears on what was your once spotless counter top and you don’t know how it happened.

Well, I hope I’m not alone in this but this is one of the things that bugs me the most because to me if my counter is cluttered then the whole house feels messy to me I don’t know why but it just does.

Challenge #3:  CLEAR AND WIPE YOUR COUNTERS I want you to clear and wipe down your counters every single night, empty everything off of them.  I suggest taking a small basket and putting everything into it and take it all to the appropriate room right away.  It will only take a couple of minutes and you will have nice open, clean counter tops.  As far as wiping it down, just take a sanitizing cloth and wipe it down, don’t get into the big cleaning of the counters, this is just to make them look better, save the cleaning for during the day and once again when you wake up in the morning to see that you have nice clean counters you will be so glad you did it.  If you have been keeping up with the other challenges then you will also have a nice clean sink and feel ready to start your day as well with a big part of your cleaning already done for you!

Are your counters the same as mine?  Do you have an issue with them being the main point where things get put down?  Or, do you have another problem area?  

If you do have another problem area and your counters usually stay clean instead of doing the counters pick your biggest trouble spot and clear it. 



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