Homemaking Challenge #4

Are you ready to add another challenge in?  How are the other 3 working for you?  Let me know, do they make keeping your home a little easier?

This challenge does not make more work for you, it lightens your load a little bit and also gives you a neater house, do your kids already do chores?  Do they pick up after themselves?  Well, challenge number 4 will help you out with clutter from the kids every day!


CHALLENGE #4:  Get the kids to clean up after themselves!!  Every day, get the kids to pick up their things, when they finish their meal, get them to put their dishes into the sink for you, when they are done with arts and crafts have them put all those things away, but most importantly get them to clean up their toys every single night before bed!  

Not only will this help them out by giving them a job to do daily and teach them responsibility but it will also get rid of some of the clutter for you and it will be a lot easier than waiting and having them clean up at the end of the week when their rooms have become a disaster.  Give them a small basket and have them go throughout the house and pick up their toys, then have them go to their rooms and put them in the appropriate place, also if they have any toys on their floors, have them pick them up and put them away where they belong.  This works best right before bedtime when they are done playing for the day.  It will be a lot less stress on you and them and you.  So, get your kids working on this challenge it may take a little work to get them into the routine but once they are used to it you won’t even have to ask them to do it they will start it on their own.


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