Children In The Kitchen

Do you let your children help in the kitchen?  I know that sometimes doing this can cause many messes and in some cases make whatever you’re cooking take more than twice as long to complete, but think of the memories you’re making and all the benefits.

For a long time I would very rarely let the kids help out and when I did I would get myself so stressed out just thinking about the messes that were about to happen, no one would have fun while cooking together which just defeats the purpose.

But, when you take the time to really truly enjoy it and realize how much you are teaching your children and loving them at the same time it really is one of the most fun activities you can do.  I absolutely love it when I can just push away the worry that something might get messed up and when I quit thinking about the mess that would have to be cleaned up it’s such a great experience.  Oh, and about those messes, if your kids are anything like mine, they will actually enjoy getting to help clean up a bit too.

So, get in the kitchen and get cooking with your kids.  Jeremiah is now old enough (he’s 5) to where I have finally started letting him do some things even at the stove here’s a picture of him helping me cook a few days ago and he did a wonderful job and was so careful.

Jeremiah cooking at the oven first time oct 28 2013_01

Caidence isn’t yet ready to do that, and she’s my big mess maker 🙂 but, she loves to help add ingredients in, and to help mix everything together.  I just pull up a chair or two up to the counter and give them instructions on what to do and they have a blast.

Do you enjoy cooking with your kids?  What is your favorite thing to make with them?  Comment below or feel free to share your pictures too.


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