Challenge #7

Have you been making your bed? Does it make your room feel cleaner and more relaxing?

This is one of my favorite challenges because it seems hard (It’s kind of a two-part challenge) but when you actually start doing it, you realize it’s really simple and helps you out so much.

CHALLENGE #7:  DO A LITTLE EACH DAY, AND CLEAN CERTAIN ROOMS EACH DAY.  Here’s what I do each and every day: Make beds, do dishes, kitchen counters, clutter pick-up, quick vacuum of living room and dining room, quick sweep kitchen, file away paperwork/mail, 1 load laundry and 4 of those 7 things is already done by you completing these challenges, and the other 3 don’t take long at all.  

Now for part 2 of this challenge, clean certain rooms each day not just pick up but detailed cleaning, and here’s how I do it, MONDAY: living room and kids bathroom TUESDAY: kitchen, laundry room, and bedding WEDNESDAY: master bathroom and master bedroom THURSDAY: kids bedrooms (not the toys that’s their job), porches (sweep, spray off, and clean outdoor furniture), and outdoor toys organized FRIDAY: (these things are done once a month the other Fridays are a resting day or do extra things) organizing pantry, food inventory, menu plan(we’ll get to this later), write budget, organize bathrooms, organize closets, wash outdoor toys and the weekends are family time so no extra cleaning other than daily upkeep.

This may seem like it would be a very difficult way to clean, but once you get into it and stick to doing these certain rooms each day it gets really easy and if you have been following these challenges and sticking to them then you will discover that most of the cleaning is already done for you because the clutter is already gone, so all you have to do is focus on cleaning the room not cleaning up after a mess that has been left there, and your cleaning time will be much shorter than it has been in the past. 

*and you don’t have to follow my list if it works better for you to switch rooms around or if you have additional rooms to do then add that in there as well

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