Happy New Year’s Eve!!!

Wow, the last month of 2013 was super crazy!!  We welcomed home our newest addition to the family…… Ethan or as the kids call him “baby Ethan” and it’s been fun getting used to having 4 children and trying to get back to our routine as much as possible with a newborn in the house, which is why I didn’t get back to blogging as soon as I had wanted, but I’m sure you all understand but now I think we’ve gotten back to “normal” for the most part.

A little about our sweet baby, he fits right in with our family the kids absolutely LOVE him so much, I thought that Isabelle being only 16 months would have some jealousy issues, but it’s been quite the opposite she is always wanting to kiss him or rub his head or do something super sweet and she’s learned very quickly how to be very gentle with him which is the one thing I was worried about but she has caught on so fast. Then Caidence is just trying to be a little mommy sitting by my side with him and when I’m not holding him she’s always right with him talking sweetly to him or holding his hand or kissing him. She always wants to help feed him and help him when he cries.  And big brother Jeremiah is in love with him as well he is already trying to teach him so many things and he doesn’t mind that he can’t understand yet.  I can tell already they will have a wonderful brotherly bond when Ethan gets older, Jeremiah has helped change diapers already (by his request) and he also asked to help give Ethan a bath and he did such a good job.

I hope that you all had a wonderful time celebrating the birth of our Savior, we did, we had great time with friends and family and the kids loved it as well and enjoyed showing off their new baby brother to everyone who hadn’t seen him yet.

I also hope you all have a wonderful new year’s eve and stay safe and be very careful tonight as well 🙂 we’re going to be spending time with one of my brothers and his wife tonight with their kids, I can’t wait to get over there, we always love getting to spend time with them and their kids too!

What are your plans for tonight, anything exciting or are you looking forward to having a nice relaxing night with family?

Are you making any resolutions?  I’ll be doing a little post on some of ours later.  I’m so glad to be back blogging I’ve missed it so much!!

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