Resourceful Tip

I know that part of this blog is about being resourceful, and I haven’t put up too many things but here is one thing that we do that really helps us out, especially during the summertime with our vegetable garden and saving on our water bill.

We got some rain collection barrels, we just got two huge industrial sized barrels that come with sealing lids and whenever it’s going to rain we take the lids off and let the rain collect and once it’s stopped we put them back on so the rain doesn’t evaporate.  This saves us a ton of money on our water bill when we have our summer vegetable garden, we never have to use water other than from the barrels.

We just use a bucket to scoop water from the barrels to pour onto the garden, but you can also cut a hole in the bottom of the barrels and put a spout that can be connected to your water hose for easier use, we just haven’t done this yet not sure if we will this year or not.  Just thought I would share this little tip with you!


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