Need More Storage?

Are you always needing more storage space?  Well, we sure are and recently Justin and I were able to use an empty space in our home for extra storage!  With 6 people living under one roof there’s always so much stuff, and I’m sure many of you can relate.  So, what did we do?  We used an empty HVAC space in our home, we got a new air unit last year and so now we had this really big space in our laundry room that was being used for absolutely nothing, all while we were constantly having issues keeping all of our stuff out of the way, even after going through just about everything we own and getting rid of a ton of stuff (I’ll post about that later).  We had to do something and since it was going to be a little while until we’re able to get a storage building we had to work with what we’ve got.


So, we……. Ok, mostly Justin got to work knocking out the rest of the drywall to open it up fully and we bought some shelving which you can get really inexpensively at most hardware stores, we got ours from Lowes and got to work on making our space, and now we’ve got a lot of extra space to put lots of things mostly the stuff that just seems to collect at our house, and at the moment the majority of that is books (that’s what you get with homeschoolers), and art supplies, purses, and diaper bags, holiday decorations, and some storage bins that needed to find a home.


Now, I know that not everyone has an empty space where your HVAC used to go, but if you really think about it hard I’m sure you could find some extra space you never knew you had.  Is there extra space in your closet somewhere, or maybe just a couple shelves in your child’s rooms?  We actually put up 4 shelves in Jeremiah’s room last year and they have been great for holding tons of things especially toys that go into bins like legos, Lincoln logs, and tinker toys that used to always end up spread all over the place every single day by the little one’s who weren’t even interested in playing with them.


How do you find room for all of your stuff?  Did this post help you out?  Let me know how you choose to organize it all!


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