Some Workouts For You!

Well guys, I just wanted to share with you some really good workouts that you can very easily do at home.  We’ve been doing really good working out and I really enjoy going to the gym but sometimes it’s hard to get to the gym as much as we like to in the week and we don’t want to just not work out at all so these are some of our go to workouts that really have your feeling it!

  • Sumo Squats:  Start with your legs at a wide stance and go as low as you can, it’s even better if you hold a weight or kettlebell

  • Lateral Raises:  holding a dumbell in each hand with your palms facing the ground raise your arms to shoulder level (these are hard at first if you’re not used to lifting weights, but they are totally worth it!)  These can also be combined with a regular squat for even more of a challenge.

  • Jumping jacks: sure, we all probably did jumping jacks as a child, but how many of us do them as an adult so get back to being a kid and do them, this one is really fun to do with the kids!
  • Jump rope:  Here’s another one we did as a child, but with this one you don’t actually need a jump rope (unless you just want to use one), just do the motions.  This is another fun one to do with the kiddos!
  • Crunches: lie flat on the floor with your knees bent hands just behind your ears and lift up, this is a fairly simple exercise, but it’s also very effective.

  • Reverse crunches:  These are a little harder than just a simple crunch but they are also a very effective workout, and once you get the hang of it they’re great!  Just lie flat on the ground with your hands on the floor beside you, bring your legs to a 90 degree angle and slowly come up off the floor and slowly back down.

  • Bicycle crunch: For this crunch, you bring your knees up and at a 90 degree angle, with your hands behind your ears and bring one leg in at a time, as you pull your one leg toward your body go toward your knee with the opposite elbow and then do the opposite side.

  • Mountain climbers:  These are actually really enjoyable for me although I do have to say they are hard but I just really like doing them.  Basically you just place your palms on the ground and put one foot in front of the other like you’re running in place.


I really hope you guys give these a try and like them and that they can help you achieve your fitness goals you have for yourself, I know they are certainly helping me out with mine.


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