Tip #1 Being An Intentional Mommy

Pray BEFORE you discipline your children.  I think honestly this is one of the hardest things to do because if I’m truly honest when my children are disobedient especially when they’ve done the same thing I’ve told them not to do for the 10th time in a day, by that time I’m usually at the end of my rope and praying about it is the last thing on my mind when it should be the first.

So, when your child decides to be disobedient or act our for example when your 3-year-old asks you for a bagel and you say no so she throws herself into the floor and starts kicking and screaming (oh yes, that totally happened yesterday)  don’t do like I did and loose your cool with them and end up having to ask forgiveness from them and the Lord, be intentional and pray first!

  Before any feelings are hurt, before you end up getting angry or frustrated and yelling, before you make yourself feel like a mean mommy, just go to the Lord pray to Him, ask Him for guidance, ask for Him to show you what to do in the situation, ask Him to give you  the patience to deal with whatever the situation may be (even when that means spending forever trying to get your child to go through a time out or if you just need to give yourself a timeout)


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