Tip #2 Being An Intentional Mommy

This tip should come after the prayer and this is when we can either trust God to give us the wisdom and patience to do what we should in disciplining our children or we could choose to go our own way and disregard Him.  So, after you pray you need to make yourself think before you speak or act:

Usually how my days are they start out wonderfully and then the kids all start to come out of their rooms everyone is being so sweet, cute and loving,  and then for some reason breakfast time brings out the worst in them and the arguments start “mama, she’s too close to me.”  “stop looking at me.”  “This isn’t what I wanted for breakfast” and the list goes on and on, now I could choose to do one of two things, I could think about what’s going on, I could choose to think out my actions before I open my mouth to discipline and I could be calm and gentle with my children as the bible wants me to do “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but harsh words stir up anger.” Proverbs 15:1 or, I could choose to do it my way, choose the way of the flesh which in turn causes me to sin as well, and loose my cool, get angry, and most likely make the rest of the day stressful.  Now, they aren’t all this way and most of the time even when they are like this as soon as everyone cleans up from breakfast and our day starts going they soon realize how much we all love each other and they start showing that love and start helping one another out and caring for one another but at this point if I chose to go my own way, my attitude is out of check and I let myself get in the way of us having a good day.  But, if I chose to first go to the Lord in prayer, do what He has to say and continue to think before I speak or act we usually have a really great day.

That’s not to say that there aren’t a ton of more arguments and that’s also not to say that your children won’t still be disobedient but, if you make sure to be intentional and follow these tips, it is so much easier to deal with and you can soon go on with your day with a great attitude.

Look for intentional mommy tip #3 next week!  Comment below to let me know how this is helping you become an intentional parent!


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