Tip #3 Being An Intentional Mommy

For tip #3 I wanted to focus on what we do with our time, as mothers, our time is spent many places we have to make meals every day and for a lot of stay at home moms that includes all 3 meals a day, we have to clean and keep the household running smoothly, for us homeschoolers we have to do school everyday, we have to entertain our children, we have to make sure to take some time for ourselves so that we don’t get burnt out, we have to make sure to take time for our marriage, the list goes on and on.  But, for this week let’s just make sure that we are spending enough time in the area of spending time with our children, good, quality time.  This way, we can learn to be intentional with our time.

This means that we need to cut off the computer, turn off your phones, get rid of any distractions, make sure that you’ve already taken care of things that would normally get in the way of this time and focus on them for the day.  Try to make as much of the day all about them as you can, I know that this one will be difficult, because we do have daily duties that will try to get in the way but, with this one if you prepare ahead of time it is possible and it wouldn’t be out of the question to make one day every two weeks or so where you do nothing but spend time with them doing what they want to do no distractions all day long.

For those days that you don’t have an entire day, do make sure that you are taking at least 10 minutes for every hour of the day to spend that intentional time with them with no distractions as well.


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