Tip #4 Being An Intentional Mommy

  Here we are now at tip #4 and for this one, it’s going to be a bit harder for some of us tip #4 is to get off the phone and the computer.  To me, the phone isn’t a really big issue, but, the computer is another story.  There is always something that just “has” to be done, it seems as if it can’t wait another minute.  There’s no way because that e-mail is going to disappear, and there will never again be a chance to check Facebook or if I don’t go ahead and do this blog post it will NEVER get done.  As we all know, that is completely not true.  If we take out the time for our children instead of being distracted by a text message or something on the computer it will all be there when we are done with what they really do need, and that is time with us.  

  How many times have you been in the middle of something on your phone or computer and your child has just simply asked for you to play with them, or to watch what they are doing, or ask you a question and you just say “uh-huh” and blow it off (and without even meaning to).  I wonder how much time is really wasted on these things.  If we sat down and counted the time we spend with our technology instead of our children which would be more.  Well, if it’s the time spent doing these types of things it should change.

  Let’s fix this, go unplugged all day.  Pick a day a week and be completely unplugged, no doing anything that can really and truly be put off until later, and focus on them.  Make little changes everyday as well and make sure that if they ask you a question or want to show you something really be engaged in that conversation, turn away from what you are doing and focus fully on them.  If they ask you to come and play do it.  Stop what you are doing and be there for them.  

  One way that you can make sure to do this so that they are never second to your technology is to pick a certain time in the day where you will spend a little amount of time doing everything you actually need to do  and let them know that at this time every day they need to find something to do independently or with their brothers and sisters (for those of you like me with some really young one’s, wait for nap time) so you can have this time but make it one time per day and make sure you stick to the certain time of day they will get used to giving you this time and you can get everything done efficiently all the while still giving them what they need throughout the day.  Trust me, it will be worth it to you and to them.


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