Love and Marriage

Today I’m going to be talking a bit about marriage. Have you heard about the book the Love Dare? It comes from the movie Fireproof, and if you haven’t seen that one, you should really check it out it’s a wonderful movie! Anyway, back to the book. This book is written by the Kendrick Brothers and it gives you something to do each and every day to strengthen your marriage. My husband and I started the love dare together back in 2011 and we ended up not even getting to finish it but, just the other day I decided that I was going to pull the book back out and do this with him again only this time I’m just doing it myself for him without him knowing just to show him my love.  540_293_resize_20130901_c3baeb9f1aba9bc2d516f1a378a0005f_jpg

You see, my husband and I really do have a great marriage, I have been truly blessed with an incredible wonderful man whom I love with all my heart and we haven’t really ever had any marriage issues (I’m not saying we never get in an argument or don’t annoy each other, that’s just crazy everyone does that) but, we just work right through it and don’t hold onto those things. So, I hadn’t pulled out the love dare book in quite a while because it was almost as if I thought I didn’t need it to improve our marriage. Now, as I said before I decided to get the book out and my thoughts behind that were that it doesn’t matter that we don’t need any extra “help” to make our marriage work, why wouldn’t I want to always be working on making our marriage even better, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Today for me was day 3 of the book and it said to buy something special for your spouse but, today instead of buying something I surprised him and took him out for some frozen yogurt and we had a great time, it really can be something that simple. The first two days were about being kind and being patient with your spouse, sometimes that’s really, really hard but I have been putting my focus on doing these things and it has been so nice and I have really enjoyed showing love to my husband in those ways.

That was some yummy Froyo

That was some yummy Froyo

What are some ways you go out of your way to show love to your spouse?

Homemade Laundry Soap!

I have thought about making this laundry soap ( you can find the original recipe here ) for such a long time now and just hadn’t made any……. until now!  Today I drug out my big stock pot (yes you will want to bring that one out the soap foams…… a lot) and got the simple 3 ingredients out (well, 4 if you include the water).

First, get your ingredients together:

  • 1/4 cup Borax
  • 1/2 cup Super Washing Soda
  • 1/2 a bar Fels Naptha Soap (this stuff is incredible)


First off, let me start by saying that once you start making this your sense of smell will thank you! It smells incredible, your whole house will start to smell so good!!

I always buy a few bars at a time since they are so inexpensive but, I keep them in a cute little jar at the back of my sink and every time I walk by my sink I get to smell that great scent!

I always buy a few bars at a time since they are so inexpensive but, I keep them in a cute little jar at the back of my sink and every time I walk by my sink I get to smell that great scent!

Now, if the ingredients weren’t simple enough the steps to make this are so super easy which is really great for a busy mom like me!

The recipe I use is only half of the original recipe, I make 5 gallons at a time (yes, that little amount makes 5 gallons, crazy right!)

Just grate the 1/2 a bar of Fels Naptha soap (it looks like grated cheese hehe that would be a mean trick to play on someone), add it in a stock pot with 2 cups of HOT water. Heat it over medium low to medium until the soap is completely melted….. this was honestly the hardest part of it all only because it took a little bit of time (about 7 minutes or so) make sure you stir it continuously this is an important step!! This will be the time you either realized you should have used a bigger pot or you’re really glad you pulled out that giant stock pot because this stuff does foam up……….. A LOT!

Now, add HOT water to the 5 gallon bucket, fill it half full and then add in the foamy soap mixture and mix a bit. Then, just add in your borax and washing soda. You do need to mix it thoroughly although to be honest it’s really hard to see anything past the foam so just stir it a bit until you’re pretty sure it’s all mixed in and you’ll be fine.

The last step for today is to just top it off with some more HOT water. I topped mine off and then waited about an hour and added some more once the foam went down a bit to be sure I was getting my full 5 gallons.

I told you it was VERY foamy!!

I told you it was VERY foamy!!

Let this mixture sit all night and it will gel up, now you’re ready to use it just be sure to give it a nice stir before you use it each time!

I love that I finally tried making this it was really simple and now I can save so much money on laundry soap since we go through soooo much in our family and I can choose how I want it to smell, because once this recipe has cooled you can add in your own essential oils. Right now I only have peppermint and eucalyptus on hand so I’ll be adding one of those two to mine but I think that especially during the winter peppermint would be fabulous!!

Have you made this before? How do you like it? Let me know if you try it out now!!

**Disclaimer: I don’t own this recipe! Also, Please make sure to add a tight sealing lid to your 5-gallon bucket we don’t want our little one’s to get into this and get sick or hurt!!!!

Wow, it has been a long time!!!!!

I can’t believe how long it has been since my last post, it’s been over a year! I just got really busy with life and didn’t take out time to write and well, I have just been missing it so I decided to log back in and just pick up where I left off. I probably won’t be posting as frequently as I did before but I do still want to post especially once we start school back up again then I’ll have lots of posts.

Since I’ve been gone our family has done and grown so much. We haven’t added any new members to the family (other than animals which I will post about in the near future) but, Jeremiah is now 6 (he will be 7 next month), Caidence who just had her birthday is now my big 5-year-old (how that even happened I’m not sure, to me she should still be 3), Isabelle is 2 and will be 3 in August, and Ethan is 1 1/2!! CRAZY RIGHT!!!

We have also fully completed 1st grade and Pre-K. We still used My Father’s World curriculum and we absolutely LOVED it, so if you’re looking for a great one I really recommend that one! The kids have just surprised me so much with how much they learned over the past year it really is amazing! I have already started planning for 2nd grade for Jeremiah and Kindergarten for Caidence and can’t wait to get started which will probably be at the end of July! We will still be doing My Father’s World for K and 2nd, and for math we will be using Math-U-See for the first time so I will try to make sure to post a review of that once we have done several lessons using it. For language arts we’re using Language Lessons for today:grade 2 which I’ve never used before as well as Spelling by sound and structure.

Another really great thing is that my business (that I’m able to work in around nap time and a very small amount after bed) has been growing so fast and is really blowing my mind and I am thankfully having so much fun with it and not sacrificing any family time which before I started this never thought that would ever be possible!!

I also wanted to post an update about Ethan and his heart condition (bicuspid aortic valve) he has been doing wonderfully and no one could ever tell he has any issues, he had a checkup at 1-year-old and his heart is functioning wonderfully as is everyone else since they wanted to get all of us checked out as well. Also, he only has to go once every 3 years instead of once a year like they had previously thought which is fantastic!!

So, I hope everything has been going really well for everyone else and can’t wait to get back into posting again and welcome to my new readers, I hope you enjoy!!!

***Comment below and let me know what types of posts do you look forward to reading? I would love to hear your input!

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