Water Gun Painting

Wow, it sure has been a while hasn’t it! It has been close to two years since I have written anything here. I have mostly been spending my time making videos on youtube instead of writing because well, sometimes life gets really busy and picking up a camera is easier than sitting down to write but I also love the creative outlet of video. But, I also enjoy writing so I figured I may try to get back into writing just a bit as well and what better way to start than to share a fun activity we just did!

Now, I do have to share that the idea for this is not my own but, we did a little different twist to ours if you would like to see where I got this idea from you can check that out here: Fire Flies And Mud Pies Squirt Gun Painting

The kids had so much fun with this activity! We did this activity in collaboration with a few other YouTubers and I will link the video here so you can check them all out! 6inthemix squirt gun painting

Water Gun Painting thumbnail

We ended up having to take this activity inside because of the weather and honestly I thought I was looking at cleaning up a HUGE mess when we were done but it really wasn’t that messy now, I have a feeling that if we had the large super soakers outside then the kids would have paint all over them which we will totally have to do one day!

Now, let’s talk about what you’re going to need! I kept this activity inexpensive and simple and got everything from the dollar tree except for the paper which we already had on hand!

Here’s what you need:

  • Squirt guns (I recommend getting one per color you’re going to use)
  • Paint (we used fingerpaint but many types of paint can be used)
  • Paper (we chose printer paper, again keep it simple most paper will work for this)

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how I got the paint into the squirt guns right?? Well, that was a little tougher than I had thought. I did mix the paint with water I made sure not to water the colors down too much because I wanted them to show up well but I did enough so it was fairly easy to pour. I tried pouring it into the spout… that didn’t work. So, plan b…… pull out the turkey baster of course and that worked like a charm! Now, if you don’t have a turkey baster a little medicine syringe would work just as well!


squirt gun painting.png

Here’s how I kept the paint from dripping all over! 

Here comes the fun! Let the kids take turns squirting the paint onto the paper!

squirt gun painting.png


squirt gun painting.png

I loved seeing how different each of the kids created their artwork!

squirt gun painting


squirt gun painting.png

squirt gun painting.png

Since we took our painting inside we didn’t hang them up while we painted like suggested in the original idea so, after the kids were done I helped them gently lift their papers up and let the excess paint fall off, here is what they look like after we did that!


squirt gun painting

How neat is that! 


And that’s how simple it is, literally all the cleanup I had to do was a quick wipe down of the counter and to rinse out the squirt guns after we finished, that’s it!! I also only spend $2 on this activity minus the paper but you can find paper at the dollar tree as well, so not only is this activity so much fun but, it’s inexpensive, and simple! It works very well inside and outside as well!


Comment below and let me know if you give this a try I would love to hear how it turned out for you!


If you want to watch step-by-step how we did this then check out our video here: Step-by-step video


Thank you all for stopping by to read this post, I hope you enjoyed it, if you did give it a share and comment below! I will be trying to post a bit more frequently and sharing our videos as well!