Need Some Motivation?

Since it’s been about 3 months since I did our challenge posts which can all be found here:  I decided give you all some cleaning motivation and a few more tips since sometimes it’s very hard to stick to a routine and keep things running smoothly all the time and you realize you forgot to fold laundry the day before, or maybe you just didn’t feel like doing the dishes last night and now you’ve got a good many to do, or your bed hasn’t been made one day this week.

And, you feel like this:

Don’t get discouraged and don’t let things get out of hand just remember what it’s like to wake up in the morning to a nice clean house that you only have to do maintenance cleaning to.

  • Remember how good it feels:  Just think of how wonderful you feel to know that if guests show up without notice you aren’t feeling embarrassed at the fact that you’ve got a unvaccumed floor, or the fact that you didn’t get to clear that counter yet today.  Or, the feeling of waking up in the morning and being able to take a few minutes to relax knowing that you just have to maintain it all!
  • Don’t forget that it’s less work for you in the long run:  As mentioned before all you have to do is maintain your clean home, now yes you are still going to have to do the work every day, but when the rest of your house is clean and you’ve only got 2 rooms a day to maintain, a load of laundry and a load (or 2 or 3 for our house) doesn’t look like so much work.
  •  Know what you have to do:  Make a plan, you all know what happens when you go to the grocery store without a list, well, cleaning the house (especially when you haven’t been going to your plan) is just like that.  Only instead of extra things getting done, usually nothing does or if you do get little things done here and there it’s not very noticeable.  So, go in with a to-do list and only do what’s on that list and do one room at a time don’t keep going back and forth room to room.  With a list it will get done!
  • Housework can be very boring:  I’ll admit, that’s not much motivation but, it doesn’t have to be very boring it can be quite fun.  Make a game out of it, get your kids involved hand them a dust rag or a broom let them help out and race each other to see who can get done faster (while still getting it clean).  Throw on some music and sing while you clean, once you’re into the music it doesn’t feel like cleaning and time just flies by.  Also, one thing I like to do is go to youtube and put on a video of someone cleaning or a day in the life video I don’t know why but hearing someone else talk about cleaning their house or their routines makes time fly by and cleaning seem like not such a big chore.
  • Last but not least, write about it:  Once you’ve finished your cleaning for the day and you can sit and relax or sit and play with the kids, take a few moments to write down how you feel, how relaxed it is knowing that you’re done and the house is looking great.  It’s kind of like working out there are some days where you really just don’t feel like it, but once you’ve done it you feel great and you’re glad you did.  Just remember those things.

Have you stuck with the challenges or were you getting a little behind?  Did these tips help you out and give you the motivation you needed?  Comment below to tell us!

How Is It Going With The Challenges?

Well, the challenge posts have been done now for a few days, are you finding that they really help you out?  Are you still doing them?

I actually got a little bit behind with them just because Isabelle had to be hospitalized for two days 😦 which by the way having a 15 month old stuck in a hospital room is absolutely no fun at all.  But, with us being there taking care of her of course everything is going to get behind but I am still slowly but surely catching up on everything and can’t wait till the house runs as usual which will hopefully be within the next day or two.

If you did take me up on the challenges, which one has been your favorite?  Which one helps you out the most?

For me, I think that they all kind of go together and when they are all done together it just makes everything fall into place, but for sure the house would fall apart without the sink being emptied daily, and without one load of laundry getting done per day.

I really want to hear from you comment below 🙂

Challenge #9

We have come to the end of our challenges, hopefully by now these challenges have become a part of your routine and have made your life easier and your home cleaner.  Let me know how these have helped you out, comment below and tell me all about it, I would love to hear from you!

CHALLENGE #9: PLAN YOUR MEALS the final challenge I have for you is to plan out your meals, I make a meal plan once a week, it helps out so much because when dinner time rolls around it’s not a fuss and we don’t end up spending money on fast food we shouldn’t be eating anyway.  When you have a plan it’s much, much easier. It also makes grocery shopping much less stressful.  

I suggest making a plan for the week only do one week at a time especially at first so it’s not hard for you to stick to and just because you have a meal plan doesn’t mean you have to eat certain meals on certain nights, we don’t always know what we’re going to want to eat days ahead of time so we plan meals we know we like and we go buy those groceries and then every day we take a look at our list and pick a meal we would like to have that night just make sure that if you plan a meal that take a little work ahead of time such as beans that need to be soaked or if you are going to be using a whole chicken plan enough ahead of time so they have time to soak or thaw.  It’s really not hard at all but it does relieve stress once it’s time to cook.

Challenge #8

Now we are pretty far into our challenges, how are you liking them?  Is it easier than you thought or harder?  How are they going are you enjoying your house more now that it’s staying cleaner?   Let me know comment below but, now onto challenge #8 which is one of those challenges that will in turn help you out with a couple of our previous challenges.

CHALLENGE #8: PICK UP AS YOU GO, if you make sure to clean up after yourself as you go throughout the day then you won’t have a big mess at the end of the day to clean.  Think of this if you are like me and you cook every meal each day, you pull out the ingredients and make the meal but what happens if after you make the meal you don’t put those items away, after cooking 3 meals that day, it’s a lot of stuff.  Or, if you as you go throughout the day you use all sorts of things but don’t put them in their place.  You finish up with school for the day and leave out all your supplies or maybe you put them up for the most part but a few things still stay out, all of that adds up to a lot of clutter, so make sure you pick up after yourself as soon as you are done with one thing, clean up and then start on the next thing.  

This will help out with keeping the counters clear because if you pick up as you go, your counters should already be empty so all you have to do is wipe them down, the dishes will already all be put in the sink or the dishwasher ready to be washed and if you have been cleaning one room per day this will also cut down on work you have to do in those rooms.  

Just make a habit of it, and one more thing that helps with this is make sure you don’t leave a room empty handed if you see something out of place in a room pick it up and put it away that simple!

Challenge #7

Have you been making your bed? Does it make your room feel cleaner and more relaxing?

This is one of my favorite challenges because it seems hard (It’s kind of a two-part challenge) but when you actually start doing it, you realize it’s really simple and helps you out so much.

CHALLENGE #7:  DO A LITTLE EACH DAY, AND CLEAN CERTAIN ROOMS EACH DAY.  Here’s what I do each and every day: Make beds, do dishes, kitchen counters, clutter pick-up, quick vacuum of living room and dining room, quick sweep kitchen, file away paperwork/mail, 1 load laundry and 4 of those 7 things is already done by you completing these challenges, and the other 3 don’t take long at all.  

Now for part 2 of this challenge, clean certain rooms each day not just pick up but detailed cleaning, and here’s how I do it, MONDAY: living room and kids bathroom TUESDAY: kitchen, laundry room, and bedding WEDNESDAY: master bathroom and master bedroom THURSDAY: kids bedrooms (not the toys that’s their job), porches (sweep, spray off, and clean outdoor furniture), and outdoor toys organized FRIDAY: (these things are done once a month the other Fridays are a resting day or do extra things) organizing pantry, food inventory, menu plan(we’ll get to this later), write budget, organize bathrooms, organize closets, wash outdoor toys and the weekends are family time so no extra cleaning other than daily upkeep.

This may seem like it would be a very difficult way to clean, but once you get into it and stick to doing these certain rooms each day it gets really easy and if you have been following these challenges and sticking to them then you will discover that most of the cleaning is already done for you because the clutter is already gone, so all you have to do is focus on cleaning the room not cleaning up after a mess that has been left there, and your cleaning time will be much shorter than it has been in the past. 

*and you don’t have to follow my list if it works better for you to switch rooms around or if you have additional rooms to do then add that in there as well

Challenge #6

Is laundry getting done?  It’s a lot easier than you thought isn’t it? How are these challenges helping you out?  I would love to hear all about it!

I’m taking it a bit easy on you with this challenge, maximum time this one takes is 5 minutes and it usually shouldn’t even take nearly that long and that’s when it’s done perfectly!

CHALLENGE #6: MAKE YOUR BED That’s it, make your bed every morning, many of you may already do this, for a long time I didn’t I just felt like what was the point if I was just going to be getting back into it that night.  But, for such a simple thing it really is important and it makes a big impact.  

Just think of walking into your bedroom even if your entire room is clean if your bed is all sloppy and not made the room still looks messy and like it isn’t completely clean.  Now, think of walking into your bedroom your room is clean and your bed is made doesn’t that just seem much more relaxing?  Well, I promise you it is and you won’t be sorry, and it literally takes just minutes like I said the maximum time it should take is 5 minutes and that’s even pushing it so take that small amount of time and make your bed every single morning. Walking into your bedroom with a made bed just makes you feel refreshed.  

If you want to take it one step further get your kids to make their beds every morning too!

Challenge #5

How has challenge 4 been going?  Are your children getting into picking up after themselves or are they putting up a fuss?  If it has been tough and they don’t want to cooperate, just persevere it will be worth it, I know it will take time but you can do it!!

Do you have a plan for getting your laundry done?  I used to never have a “plan” I just did laundry when I felt up to it which was a horrible plan because let’s face it, I hate doing laundry and very rarely felt up to it and laundry would get piled up and once I did get to it, it was much harder to get through than if I would have kept up with it.


CHALLENGE #5: DO ONE LOAD OF LAUNDRY A DAY. I started implementing a new plan, to do laundry every single day.  Even if it was only a very small amount, laundry got washed, dried, and folded once every single day and before I knew it I started enjoying doing my laundry……………. ok that is completely un-true, I still can’t stand doing laundry, but I can truthfully say that doing it only one time every day makes it so much easier and makes laundry seem not so bad and I can get through the laundry for the day (not counting the time it is washing and drying) in about 30 minutes or less and that’s including everything being folded/hung, and put away!  Go get started on this challenge!  An additional tip I have for this is to start a load washing early in the morning and then switch it over as soon as it’s finished that way you can fold/hang it and have everything put away earlier in the day instead of saving this for the night.  That will help you feel more accomplished just to have it done earlier and you will have plenty of time to do the other things you need to do at night. 

*If you are at the place where you have put off laundry for a while and have a ton to get through don’t just totally skip this part of our challenge because you feel like you can’t get it done, I encourage you to just at least start with one load of laundry a day and try to add in a couple extra loads here and there and before you know it you WILL be caught up, I promise, if I can do it you can too!!

Homemaking Challenge #4

Are you ready to add another challenge in?  How are the other 3 working for you?  Let me know, do they make keeping your home a little easier?

This challenge does not make more work for you, it lightens your load a little bit and also gives you a neater house, do your kids already do chores?  Do they pick up after themselves?  Well, challenge number 4 will help you out with clutter from the kids every day!


CHALLENGE #4:  Get the kids to clean up after themselves!!  Every day, get the kids to pick up their things, when they finish their meal, get them to put their dishes into the sink for you, when they are done with arts and crafts have them put all those things away, but most importantly get them to clean up their toys every single night before bed!  

Not only will this help them out by giving them a job to do daily and teach them responsibility but it will also get rid of some of the clutter for you and it will be a lot easier than waiting and having them clean up at the end of the week when their rooms have become a disaster.  Give them a small basket and have them go throughout the house and pick up their toys, then have them go to their rooms and put them in the appropriate place, also if they have any toys on their floors, have them pick them up and put them away where they belong.  This works best right before bedtime when they are done playing for the day.  It will be a lot less stress on you and them and you.  So, get your kids working on this challenge it may take a little work to get them into the routine but once they are used to it you won’t even have to ask them to do it they will start it on their own.

Homemaking Challenge #3

Are you loving the challenges so far?  How is it going with the first two?  Is it making life a little bit easier on you?

On to the next challenge, if your house is like ours, the kitchen counter is like a magnet, for some reason everything ends up there……. EVERYTHING and before you know it all this stuff just appears on what was your once spotless counter top and you don’t know how it happened.

Well, I hope I’m not alone in this but this is one of the things that bugs me the most because to me if my counter is cluttered then the whole house feels messy to me I don’t know why but it just does.

Challenge #3:  CLEAR AND WIPE YOUR COUNTERS I want you to clear and wipe down your counters every single night, empty everything off of them.  I suggest taking a small basket and putting everything into it and take it all to the appropriate room right away.  It will only take a couple of minutes and you will have nice open, clean counter tops.  As far as wiping it down, just take a sanitizing cloth and wipe it down, don’t get into the big cleaning of the counters, this is just to make them look better, save the cleaning for during the day and once again when you wake up in the morning to see that you have nice clean counters you will be so glad you did it.  If you have been keeping up with the other challenges then you will also have a nice clean sink and feel ready to start your day as well with a big part of your cleaning already done for you!

Are your counters the same as mine?  Do you have an issue with them being the main point where things get put down?  Or, do you have another problem area?  

If you do have another problem area and your counters usually stay clean instead of doing the counters pick your biggest trouble spot and clear it. 


Homemaking Challenge #2

How do you like doing challenge #1?  Has it made you feel better yet? Has it helped you out any?  Comment below and tell me all about it!

For challenge #2 I will get into the actually cleaning part of everything:

Challenge #2:  Start emptying your sink EVERY night, I know that after a long hard day and you just cooked dinner for your family the last thing you want to do is to tackle those dishes sitting in your sink, but just get up and do it you will be so glad you did in the morning!  

If you only have a few in there, then just hand wash what needs to be done, or if you have a lot, load up the dishwasher and let it run (and if you want to go one step further go ahead and empty it when it finishes instead of waiting till morning) it will take a lot less time than you think it will I promise, and when you wake up in the morning and remember that your dishes are done you will already feel energized just from knowing that part of your housework has already been completed. 

Homemaking Challenge!!

This is for all my Homemakers out there, if you stay at home or not, we all have hard jobs, and keeping the home is one of the many hard jobs we do so I want to start some new challenges every 3 days and I want us to do them together!  I find that when I take the time to do small simple things every single day and start to make them routine, my life goes a whole lot easier and the housework doesn’t seem so daunting so to start off, challenge number 1 doesn’t have to do with cleaning but rather getting you in the right mindset to start your day off right which if you do this every single day will help you to get everything done that needs to be done!

CHALLENGE 1:  Take time for yourself in the morning, make sure you get yourself ready, if you do stay at home make sure to get yourself out of those comfy pajamas and into some “real” clothes, something that makes you feel good that makes you feel like getting up and doing something including putting on some shoes (that part really helps me).  I actually started doing this a long time ago and when I first started doing it the kids would say “mommy where are we going”  and it got me to thinking how bad is that!  My kids think we have to be going somewhere for me to put on some real clothes early in the morning.  So, just get in this routine and you won’t be sorry.  For those of you who work outside the home and already get dressed every morning, make extra effort to do something extra special for yourself, maybe you used to do your hair every morning and now all you do is brush it out without styling it take some extra time to pamper yourself and just do a little extra to let yourself know that you look and feel great!


Let me know, did you start this challenge?  Is this something you already do?  What are some things you have thought of doing to help you start your day better or what are some things you already do that help you out?  I would love to hear from you!