It’s Co-op day!!

Yes, the day is finally here, and I am so excited for this day, the day we start our new co-op classes, this year we chose to go with a group that catered more to younger children like my kiddos, they are super excited, we are sad that we’re having to leave some friends behind but, we can still always catch up during playdates, but they are also so excited to be meeting new friends and reconnecting with some old friends we have before our co-op split into three different groups (gotta love that the numbers of homeschoolers grows so much you have to make more groups!!!)

I can’t wait to meet all the new moms too, it’s so nice to be able to have what we call “mom time” and just sit and chat with other moms for a whole hour every other week! Such a great refresher! I’m also LOVING the classes we have this year, for Jeremiah he gets to go to a Lego class.. super fun right? He’s so into building with Legos right now and loves using his imagination to make new things. He’s also doing a class called “stand up and talk” it’s a public speaking/show and tell type of class I get to help teach that one and can’t wait to see all those sweet kiddos telling us about all sorts of things.

Caidence gets to go to an Adventures in the Bible class.. how awesome does that sound! It’s going to go in depth into lots of stories and people of the Bible! Then, she also gets to go to a Magic School Bus class where they watch episodes of The Magic School Bus and learn all about the topic of the show!

Then, Ethan and Isabelle get to have fun playing with their friends in the nursery, they’re going to love that getting to play with friends for 2 hours… OH YEAH!!

So tell me, what’s your co-op like? What classes do you have? Is it focused learning or just for play? I would love to hear all about it, just comment below!

Also, let me know, what type of post do you want to see from me? I would love some feedback so I can get some posts up that you would love!

Another Year

Today is my oldest son’s 7th birthday! Crazy, crazy, crazy, my child is SEVEN how did that even happen? At every single birthday I always think that I always think how in the world did time pass by that fast? How did another year move away so quickly and then I get sad. I get upset at myself for all my parenting failures, and all the things I could have done different and all the things I wished I would have made time for. Don’t we all?

Then, I think about all the incredible fabulous memories I have had with him and each of my children and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. It’s at that time I realize no one is perfect, God never promised us that we would be perfect or that we would get everything right the first time or that the amazing children He gave us would come with complete instructions. But, we are called to love and even though I haven’t been the perfect mom I have loved. I have tried my hardest to be a great mom and to give each of my children the love they need.

We got 3 out of 4 to stay still that's an accomplishment!!

We got 3 out of 4 to stay still that’s an accomplishment!!

So, if you are in the struggles of feeling like a failure as a parent or that your time with them is slipping by and you have to get it perfect now, just know that you don’t and will never be so, if you’re striving for perfection you will be disappointed but strive for love. Let them know that you unconditionally love them each and every day, that’s what they will remember!


Homemade Clay!



Homemade clay is so much fun not only fun to make, but so much fun to play with after you get to mix it all together, and it’s so simple to do too. ¬†So, I want to share with you our simple recipe for homemade clay.

What you will need:

  • 3 cups flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tablespoons of cooking oil
  • mixing bowl
  • precious little helpers (most important ingredient ūüôā !!)

volcano mix ingredients



Next comes the really fun part:

The mixing! Stir all ingredients really well.

volcano stirAnd, of course you can’t make clay without getting dirty, so make sure you mix with your hands:

volcano mix with hands

Even the little one’s can join in on this one

volcano Isabelle mixing


Now, you’re ready to play! ¬†In my next post I’ll show you what we did with our clay, it was so much fun!

** And, yes you will make a mess, but, that’s half the fun and everyone can join in on cleanup too!


Being An Intentional Mommy Tip #5

For Tip #5, this should be the most simple of all the tips, but a lot of times for us parents this is the hardest tip to remember and to put into practice this one kind of goes right along with the other tips I have done, but it’s one of the most important,

Just remember that being a mommy is a wonderful gift from God, and not everyone gets this special gift, He sometimes has other wonderful gifts planned for certain women and sometimes that doesn’t include being able to be a mother but for those of us whom He has chosen to have that gift, we need to embrace it and be so very thankful to Him for it and cherish each and every second of it, including those days when we really just want a little break. ¬†Our children are so precious to us and we need to make ourselves realize that each and every day and when we think of what a wonderful gift we have it makes the days be so much easier………. even the REALLY hard one’s.

Just be patient, don’t give up, trust God, it won’t always be easy but it will be worth it. ¬†Now, get off here and go love on your babies! ūüôā

Tip #4 Being An Intentional Mommy

¬† Here we are now at tip #4 and for this one, it’s going to be a bit harder for some of us tip #4 is to¬†get off the phone and the computer. ¬†To me, the phone isn’t a really big issue, but, the computer is another story. ¬†There is always something that just “has” to be done, it seems as if it can’t wait another minute. ¬†There’s no way because that e-mail is going to disappear, and there will never again be a chance to check Facebook or if I don’t go ahead and do this blog post it will NEVER get done. ¬†As we all know, that is completely not true. ¬†If we take out the time for our children instead of being distracted by a text message or something on the computer it will all be there when we are done with what they really do need, and that is time with us. ¬†

¬† How many times have you been in the middle of something on your phone or computer and your child has just simply asked for you to play with them, or to watch what they are doing, or ask you a question and you just say “uh-huh” and blow it off (and without even meaning to). ¬†I wonder how much time is really wasted on these things. ¬†If we sat down and counted the time we spend with our technology instead of our children which would be more. ¬†Well, if it’s the time spent doing these types of things it should change.

¬† Let’s fix this, go unplugged all day. ¬†Pick a day a week and be completely unplugged, no doing anything that can really and truly be put off until later, and focus on them. ¬†Make little changes everyday as well and make sure that if they ask you a question or want to show you something really be engaged in that conversation, turn away from what you are doing and focus fully on them. ¬†If they ask you to come and play do it. ¬†Stop what you are doing and be there for them. ¬†

¬† One way that you can make sure to do this so that they are never second to your technology is to pick a certain time in the day where you will spend a little amount of time doing everything you actually need to do ¬†and let them know that at this time every day they need to find something to do independently or with their brothers and sisters (for those of you like me with some really young one’s, wait for nap time) so you can have this time but make it one time per day and make sure you stick to the certain time of day they will get used to giving you this time and you can get everything done efficiently all the while still giving them what they need throughout the day. ¬†Trust me, it will be worth it to you and to them.

How do you respond when people say to you, “my you have your hands full”? ¬†I get that comment many, many times. ¬†Some people (mostly other mothers) say this because they truly understand what it takes to have children especially with us having 4 children. ¬†But, others say that while they look at you like wow, you must be crazy to have that many children which is ok, because they unlike the other mothers don’t understand.

But no matter who the one making the comment is, I usually always respond with the same thing I always say, “yes”, then give a nice smile and then add “but I love every second of it”. ¬†Then, pretty much every single time I always wonder, did I answer it in a good way, did I answer it in a way that will show them that just because I do “have my hands full” doesn’t mean that I don’t have a wonderful life, it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, and it certainly doesn’t mean that if I had the chance that I would ever change it for the world. ¬†Then, after I question that I always reflect on how truly blessed I really am. ¬†God has given me the most wonderful husband that anyone could ever ask for who lovingly provides for our family, but He also on top of that blessed the both of us with 4 amazing children and He allowed us to have them, He allowed us to be able to raise these wonderful children and to love on them every single day. ¬†And, no matter how full my hands may be, no matter how our day turned out, none of that matters because at the end of the day I realize how truly blessed we really are.

Do you get that comment a lot as well? ¬†How do you respond? ¬†Comment below and let me know! ūüôā

Check Out This Site!!!


Or anyone with kids for that matter, I have just discovered an awesome site, and I may be the only one who hasn’t discovered it, and if that’s the case I’m sorry ūüôā ¬†but, I saw this and just had to share it with you.

Well, I knew all about the answers in Genesis web site for adults, but I’ll be honest, I haven’t even visited it…………. yet, but the other day in our homeschool fun we were learning about penguins and I went searching for a fun game or video to help further teach about penguins and their habitat, but every single thing I came upon talked all about evolution which I was of course not okay with, until I stumbled upon this:

There’s an answers in Genesis for children, now as I said before maybe I’ve just been living under a rock and am the only one who didn’t know this existed, but all the things I’ve heard about and I never knew about the kids section.

But, anyway this site is so awesome! ¬†They have fun activities, and worksheets, they have videos telling you about all kinds of interesting things including why evolution couldn’t have happened on a child’s level of understanding, and many more things.

I hope you all get a chance to check out this site, tell me what you think of it.  Do you know of any other sites that teach from a creationists point of view?  Comment below and let me know.