I am a definite nester when pregnant, it usually hits around 30 weeks with me but by the time I hit this far along (36 weeks) it’s full blown crazy pregnant woman mode and I want everything to be perfect and can’t stop cleaning, organizing, and preparing for baby.  I love this feeling though, even though it’s pretty crazy and I am tired at the end of the day, I can’t get over this love of cleaning I have.

The one thing that drives me insane about when I get like this is the lack of storage space in our home because when I want everything to be organized and absolutely perfect at the same time the lack of storage really gets to me because normally I can at least somewhat neatly store our items away but when I want perfection it just doesn’t work at all.

I think the kids are loving it though and they have a blast joining in on the cleaning (even when I don’t ask them to help!) It never ceases to amaze me though, how God made our bodies react like this to help us get ourselves prepared and really to have a break once the baby does get here, I had never thought about nesting in that way before, but it truly is amazing that He made us to even prepare for that in our lives without us meaning to do that.  Also from the aspect of cooking, I’ve been wanting to make extra meals and have this urge to cook extra food all the time which is great because now that will make dinner time easier on me even before the baby gets her but also afterward we will have less cooking to worry about which is awesome, and I wanted to try freezer meals before but never got really big into it but now I really, really am and I’m loving it.

When you were pregnant with your children (or if you are currently pregnant) did you go through a time of nesting as well?  Share what you did.  Did you enjoy this feeling or not?  Comment below and tell me!

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Have you guys ever heard of this stuff or used it?  Well, this is now something that I love, not for the taste, the taste to me is absolutely horrible no matter how you try to make it better, I just don’t like it one bit as far as that goes, but the benefits far outweigh that.

I drink it at the end of all of my pregnancies, sadly I didn’t learn about this stuff until I was pregnant with Isabelle, but at least I was able to drink it with her and now with this pregnancy.  What it does is it tones the uterus and helps you have much more efficient contractions which means a shorter labor and easier pushing or in my case, no pushing at all!!  Not to mention the fact that it helps you get in lots of fluids which helps you be more healthy.   I usually start drinking it at about 28 weeks of pregnancy, some people say it’s not safe to drink earlier in pregnancy but I’m not sure I’m no doctor so I’m not going to give advice on that , but I have never tried it at the beginning just because I don’t think I could bear drinking it for that long but I can’t weigh in on that part of it.  But, I do recommend it for the end of pregnancy for sure.

But what I do know is that it really does work, it made my labor much shorter and as I said as far as delivery goes, it was very, very easy!  You have to think of it in this way, our uterus is a muscle and it needs to be worked out the same as any other muscle in our body, but we can’t just go to the gym and work it out so here is a wonderful plant that God gave us to do that. Here’s how I make mine:  I boil 8 cups of water at a time, remove it from the heat and then add in 8 heaping Tablespoons of the loose leaf tea I stir it all together then cover it and let it steep all day long then I strain the tea and I drink 4 cups per day so you will have to repeat the process every two days unless you brew more.  The way I make my tea, it’s really strong but that’s the way I learned to make it and I’m sticking with what works.  You can also buy the tea in bags and I think they even make capsules you can take but I prefer making mine from loose leaf plus it’s a whole lot cheaper that way too.  So, if any of my readers are pregnant as well, I would certainly recommend you try this tea!

Have any of you tried this tea before?  Did it help you in your labor and delivery?  Let me know.

*As I said before in the post I am not a medical professional and I’m not giving medical advice, I’m just sharing what worked for me so you could choose if you want to try it out for yourself.

Ready For Baby!


Yesterday I went to target because I had gotten a gift card from them in the mail to get something for the baby.  I don’t even remember signing up for anything but for some reason they have sent me a gift card for every one of my pregnancies, but hey, I’m not complaining.  But, as I was looking through the baby section it dawned on me that with this being our fourth child the items that I “need” have really changed.

I remember going through target when I was pregnant with Jeremiah.  Justin and I were doing the baby registry and we were scanning almost everything, and we thought we needed it all.  But, yesterday the only things I could think of that we had to have were diapers, clothes, and some bottles.  That was it, once the baby gets here we’ll add formula to that list but nothing else.  I do already have a few other things from the other babies like blankets, a bouncy seat, and the crib but other than that I really can’t think of any other necessities.  So, I just got some bottles with my gift card and a cute little dry erase calendar (not for baby but will help me remember things with my baby brain…… I wish I were joking) so now we only have to get some clothes and some diapers and we will pretty much be set until he’s here.

One other thing I realized it is that we’ve only got 90 days until he gets here.  Three months, that’s it!  How crazy is that, I just can’t believe it in 6 more days I will be in the third trimester, the home stretch.  It never ceases to amaze me how at the beginning of every pregnancy it seems to take forever and then you get this close and it’s like how in the world did it happen this fast.

Now, I have the jitters.  Not nervous about the baby, I think I got over the nervousness of childbirth after having Caidence but just the waiting game now is when time flies until the very last week.  Now is when you have to make sure to have everything ready, get plans in order for who will watch the others while you’re in the hospital, making sure to have a nice schedule going for everyone so when the baby gets here it can still feel like normal.  All of that, that’s what gets me when it gets this close to time.

So, what gets you when you realize you don’t have that much time left?  Do you get those jitters or not?

What is different from your first child versus your other pregnancies?  Have you realized what the necessities are for you do they differ from what you first thought?  Or, are you a first time mom?

Any other baby topics you want to see?  Any tips?  Just comment and let me know. 🙂

* The picture at the top is our sweet baby, we got this picture at our ultrasound on tuesday, I love the detail, he looks just like Jeremiah did when I was pregnant with him.