It’s Co-op day!!

Yes, the day is finally here, and I am so excited for this day, the day we start our new co-op classes, this year we chose to go with a group that catered more to younger children like my kiddos, they are super excited, we are sad that we’re having to leave some friends behind but, we can still always catch up during playdates, but they are also so excited to be meeting new friends and reconnecting with some old friends we have before our co-op split into three different groups (gotta love that the numbers of homeschoolers grows so much you have to make more groups!!!)

I can’t wait to meet all the new moms too, it’s so nice to be able to have what we call “mom time” and just sit and chat with other moms for a whole hour every other week! Such a great refresher! I’m also LOVING the classes we have this year, for Jeremiah he gets to go to a Lego class.. super fun right? He’s so into building with Legos right now and loves using his imagination to make new things. He’s also doing a class called “stand up and talk” it’s a public speaking/show and tell type of class I get to help teach that one and can’t wait to see all those sweet kiddos telling us about all sorts of things.

Caidence gets to go to an Adventures in the Bible class.. how awesome does that sound! It’s going to go in depth into lots of stories and people of the Bible! Then, she also gets to go to a Magic School Bus class where they watch episodes of The Magic School Bus and learn all about the topic of the show!

Then, Ethan and Isabelle get to have fun playing with their friends in the nursery, they’re going to love that getting to play with friends for 2 hours… OH YEAH!!

So tell me, what’s your co-op like? What classes do you have? Is it focused learning or just for play? I would love to hear all about it, just comment below!

Also, let me know, what type of post do you want to see from me? I would love some feedback so I can get some posts up that you would love!

Another Year

Today is my oldest son’s 7th birthday! Crazy, crazy, crazy, my child is SEVEN how did that even happen? At every single birthday I always think that I always think how in the world did time pass by that fast? How did another year move away so quickly and then I get sad. I get upset at myself for all my parenting failures, and all the things I could have done different and all the things I wished I would have made time for. Don’t we all?

Then, I think about all the incredible fabulous memories I have had with him and each of my children and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. It’s at that time I realize no one is perfect, God never promised us that we would be perfect or that we would get everything right the first time or that the amazing children He gave us would come with complete instructions. But, we are called to love and even though I haven’t been the perfect mom I have loved. I have tried my hardest to be a great mom and to give each of my children the love they need.

We got 3 out of 4 to stay still that's an accomplishment!!

We got 3 out of 4 to stay still that’s an accomplishment!!

So, if you are in the struggles of feeling like a failure as a parent or that your time with them is slipping by and you have to get it perfect now, just know that you don’t and will never be so, if you’re striving for perfection you will be disappointed but strive for love. Let them know that you unconditionally love them each and every day, that’s what they will remember!


Can You Stay Home?

Are there any of you out there who wish you could stay home with your children but you just don’t see any way?  Well, I’m going to tell you how it is possible for us, and how it can be possible for you.

I used to work a full time job, I hated it, I really did, I wanted so badly to be home with my babies, at the time it was just Jeremiah and Caidence.  They would beg me to stay home with them, they would cry every single time I left while begging me to stay and then I would drive on my way to work crying praying that I could just leave that job and stay with them.  But, we didn’t think we could we didn’t think that my husbands income alone could support our family.  I especially wanted to stay home even more as it came time that Jeremiah would be entering school, I didn’t want this world to teach my child and at the time homeschooling wasn’t even in my mind, I just knew I didn’t want that and that it wasn’t what God had planned for our family.

Then, God made a way and I had to quit my job, I was pregnant with Isabelle at the time and I was so happy the day I quit.  But, then came time to figure out how in the world we could afford to actually make it.  Well, first thing we realized we had to do was to sell my husband’s truck we had just bought and still had to pay on every month.  We already had another vehicle that was paid for and we were still paying on my van as well.  Thankfully God sent us someone who bought the truck for what was owed on it in a couple of months, and I’m not going to lie, the first few months weren’t the easiest but we did sell it and that gave us a bit more income.

There are also small things that you don’t think about but when you are working they add up but you don’t have these expenses when you stay home.  I would spend at least $6 a day on food and that’s a minimum now that I was staying at home I either cooked what we had at home or it was planned into the food budget which saved a ton so that $6 for every day that I worked (5 days a week) equals to approximately $2,160 per year.  Also, extra gas from me driving to and from work and to and from taking the kids where they would be staying while I was working where as with staying at home, I don’t leave the house very often, we go on field trips, and we have co-op for homeschool, and I go out to the bank once a week, but we save so much money from that. If you are an avid coffee drinker then you know how much stopping by a coffee shop can cost every morning, that alone can equal up to the $6 a day as well.  Another big expense is daycare, if you are paying for daycare that really adds up, at the time when we only had Jeremiah and Caidence if we would have been paying for child care, we would have had to pay out more than what I was making for a decent place.

If you really feel like God is calling you to stay at home with your children just know that He will not ask you to do something that you can’t do.  He will make a way for you.  Will you get to go shopping and get whatever you want? No.  Will you have to start using a strict budget to make it work? Yes. Is it hard sometimes and you would really like to have more money in the bank than you do? Absolutely.  But, I promise if this is something that God has for you to do then He will make a way.  We are now at the point where we do have enough to have everything that we NEED, plenty of things that we want (we just shop around for the best deal), and we have money in the bank  but did it take a while? Yes it did.  Did it take hard work to come up with a budget and doing things to make sure we were frugal and not spending too much money?  Of course!  But, it is possible and you can do it too.

One of the first steps I think would be great for those of you to do is first just live off of one income, take the second income and put it into the bank and pretend it isn’t there.  Not only will this show you how to live this way and make you have to try and make it work but it will also give you a cushion of money in the bank for when you do decide to go ahead and quit working to stay home and you will be a lot more comfortable with it in there for you in case you need it.

Are you wanting to stay at home?  Let me know how this works out for you.