Then They Grow

I had an opportunity last night to be reminded of how precious my children are to me, I also got to see how quickly they change and grow. As I was going through watching old videos I had recorded I saw my precious Jeremiah and Caidence when they were my only two and then when right after we had Isabelle before Ethan was even though of. I got to see their sweet faces that still had some baby chubbs on them. I got to hear their precious voices, it’s crazy how even their voices change so much and you don’t even realize it.

I also go to see my babies practically grow in front of my eyes and I realized the exact point in which Jeremiah went from young child to my little boy. Watching it seemed like it just flew by so quickly and then to see them now is incredible. Part of that made me sad, I know I’ll never get those baby years back and you start to question yourself as a parent. You wonder if you’ve done things right or if you made it good enough for them, and then I remember how just a couple days ago Jeremiah and Caidence leaped into my arms telling me they loved me so much that they would never let me go. Also, how I see Jeremiah growing each day into a young man. He has such a heart for others as does Caidence and it warms my heart so and I’m so thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ because without Him myself and my children would be nothing like we are today.

I also had to take the time to think this morning when I sat with all 4 of my children watching them eat their breakfast of chocolate chip waffles and sausage I realized that Isabelle and Ethan are in the stages that Jeremiah and Caidence were going through in the videos I watched last night, and I look forward to watching my children grow and learn and love and I intend on being the very best for them I can possibly ever be with the Lord’s help.

So, to all you parents, hold onto this time yes, but also don’t be sad because although they are growing quickly and it seems like a flash before your eyes they are precious in every stage of life, just give them what they need, your love and the knowledge of Christ. Share these things with them daily and it will all be alright.

Another Year

Today is my oldest son’s 7th birthday! Crazy, crazy, crazy, my child is SEVEN how did that even happen? At every single birthday I always think that I always think how in the world did time pass by that fast? How did another year move away so quickly and then I get sad. I get upset at myself for all my parenting failures, and all the things I could have done different and all the things I wished I would have made time for. Don’t we all?

Then, I think about all the incredible fabulous memories I have had with him and each of my children and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. It’s at that time I realize no one is perfect, God never promised us that we would be perfect or that we would get everything right the first time or that the amazing children He gave us would come with complete instructions. But, we are called to love and even though I haven’t been the perfect mom I have loved. I have tried my hardest to be a great mom and to give each of my children the love they need.

We got 3 out of 4 to stay still that's an accomplishment!!

We got 3 out of 4 to stay still that’s an accomplishment!!

So, if you are in the struggles of feeling like a failure as a parent or that your time with them is slipping by and you have to get it perfect now, just know that you don’t and will never be so, if you’re striving for perfection you will be disappointed but strive for love. Let them know that you unconditionally love them each and every day, that’s what they will remember!


How do you respond when people say to you, “my you have your hands full”?  I get that comment many, many times.  Some people (mostly other mothers) say this because they truly understand what it takes to have children especially with us having 4 children.  But, others say that while they look at you like wow, you must be crazy to have that many children which is ok, because they unlike the other mothers don’t understand.

But no matter who the one making the comment is, I usually always respond with the same thing I always say, “yes”, then give a nice smile and then add “but I love every second of it”.  Then, pretty much every single time I always wonder, did I answer it in a good way, did I answer it in a way that will show them that just because I do “have my hands full” doesn’t mean that I don’t have a wonderful life, it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, and it certainly doesn’t mean that if I had the chance that I would ever change it for the world.  Then, after I question that I always reflect on how truly blessed I really am.  God has given me the most wonderful husband that anyone could ever ask for who lovingly provides for our family, but He also on top of that blessed the both of us with 4 amazing children and He allowed us to have them, He allowed us to be able to raise these wonderful children and to love on them every single day.  And, no matter how full my hands may be, no matter how our day turned out, none of that matters because at the end of the day I realize how truly blessed we really are.

Do you get that comment a lot as well?  How do you respond?  Comment below and let me know! 🙂

Special Dinners!

Do you guys have special family nights?  Nights where you do something special together as a family?  We have never set out any “special” nights for doing certain things, we just play together as a family whenever, but we had never really done any extra special out of the ordinary things as a family on any certain night but Jeremiah actually got me thinking.

The other night he came out to the living room some play time with his sisters carrying a huge blanket draped over his shoulder when I called them for dinner.  I was wondering what in the world was on his mind and why he was carrying the blanket in, and he said “we’re all going to sit and have a picnic dinner!”  I absolutely loved this idea of his, we had done a picnic outside several times during the summer but we had never had a picnic in the house and never at dinner time, dinner time is eaten at the table almost all of the time never as a picnic in the floor.  I am so thankful Jeremiah had this wonderful idea it was so much fun to be able to all sit close together and just have fun something about being on the blanket in the floor just made it different than sitting together at the table.  While we ate Justin read the kids a few bible stories and we all talked about what the story said and enjoyed listening to the kids it was an out of the ordinary thing to do for us, but it was great!

I know it may not seem like a big deal or it may not seem like it would be much fun but it really was and now I think that we’ll try to do this one night a week maybe we’ll play some fun games after we eat as well other than our normal playtime.  Maybe you guys would like to give this a shot or something else that’s really fun but not normal for your family.  I can’t wait to see the smile on the kids faces when me and Justin are the one’s to pull out the big blanket to have a picnic dinner together again, I just know they’re going to be so excited.

What are some fun family night things you do with your kids?  Any ideas to share I would love to hear them, just comment below and let me know!

One-On-One Time

Back when Jeremiah was our only child I had plenty of time to spend plenty of one-on-one time with him when I wasn’t working, he didn’t have to share any of that free time of mine with anyone, but now here we are with 4 kids and I’ve been staying at home for almost 2 years now and time does have to be share A LOT!!

The majority of the day when we have playtime, it’s all of us together which is great, I enjoy it, the kids enjoy it, matter of fact, most of the time you can’t separate them for anything.  But, they do need special time just with me one at a time no sharing, just my undivided attention focused on them.

They need this from us every day, even if only for a little bit of time, it really means so much to us.  Jeremiah especially loves this time and asks to have this time.  The other kids don’t ask for it yet, but I’m sure when they are older they will.

If you are a parent of multiple children, take that time with them each day even if it’s only 15-30 minutes a day your child will love it, that special time can turn a child’s whole attitude around, trust me I’ve seen it!

During this time have no distractions, put away your phone, make sure that your other children are settled in doing something else and are occupied and let them know that you’re having special time with their brother or sister and that their time will be soon.  Let your child choose what you do or what you play, that makes it an even more special time with you, do it even if it’s something you really don’t want to do or don’t enjoy, do it because they do and once you see the smiles on their faces you will start to enjoy it too.

Do you get that special time with each time, or is this an aspect of your parenting that you want to change?  If you do this already, what benefits do you see your child gaining from this special time with you?

Training Your Children

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

I know a lot of people don’t like it when we say we train our children but, that’s what we do, that’s what we are told to do in the bible it’s not a bad thing, it’s not treating them like an animal like a lot of people say.  If you ask me, it’s the best thing we can do for our children when we train our children, we not only tell them what to do and not to do, but we show them as well and correct them when they need to be corrected, so hold on to this verse and do as it says.

Awesome Homemade Gel Paint!!!

I have been trying to do tons of fun arts and crafts with the kids lately, and our latest fun thing to do was when we made Gel paint, this stuff is absolutely amazing and super simple and inexpensive to make so glad I saw this idea!

What you need:

  • Styling/hair gel
  • Food coloring
  • Glitter or sequins

First get a small amount of hair gel



Then, add food coloring, for this amount of gel (about 2- 2 1/2 Tbsp.) 1 to 2 drops is plenty.


After that, add your glitter or sequins, or any other fun things you can think to add


Finally, time to mix it all up, we used popsicle sticks to mix it and they worked really well


And here is your final product, a very fun, neat looking, inexpensive, homemade paint and the best part of all is getting to see the kids having fun and watching them use their imaginations thinking of fun things to paint!

ImageHope you enjoy making this with your kiddos, if so comment below and tell me how much fun it was for you!!

Children In The Kitchen

Do you let your children help in the kitchen?  I know that sometimes doing this can cause many messes and in some cases make whatever you’re cooking take more than twice as long to complete, but think of the memories you’re making and all the benefits.

For a long time I would very rarely let the kids help out and when I did I would get myself so stressed out just thinking about the messes that were about to happen, no one would have fun while cooking together which just defeats the purpose.

But, when you take the time to really truly enjoy it and realize how much you are teaching your children and loving them at the same time it really is one of the most fun activities you can do.  I absolutely love it when I can just push away the worry that something might get messed up and when I quit thinking about the mess that would have to be cleaned up it’s such a great experience.  Oh, and about those messes, if your kids are anything like mine, they will actually enjoy getting to help clean up a bit too.

So, get in the kitchen and get cooking with your kids.  Jeremiah is now old enough (he’s 5) to where I have finally started letting him do some things even at the stove here’s a picture of him helping me cook a few days ago and he did a wonderful job and was so careful.

Jeremiah cooking at the oven first time oct 28 2013_01

Caidence isn’t yet ready to do that, and she’s my big mess maker 🙂 but, she loves to help add ingredients in, and to help mix everything together.  I just pull up a chair or two up to the counter and give them instructions on what to do and they have a blast.

Do you enjoy cooking with your kids?  What is your favorite thing to make with them?  Comment below or feel free to share your pictures too.

Gentleness of Children

Don’t you just love how kind and gentle children are, not the time when they are throwing a temper tantrum or are upset and don’t want to listen at all whatsoever, but those precious times when they show just how innocent they really are.

The other night Justin and I got to witness that in one of our sweet baby girls, Caidence had been playing with her baby all day long she had been putting diapers on her she had wrapped her up in a blanket to keep her warm, she fed her, took her temperature with their thermometer, she just loved on her baby and then night-time came.  She had taken her baby and layed out a blanket for her on our bed and then she layed the baby down on top of the blanket, she then wrapped her up and leaned down and prayed with her baby and then she asked us to pray with her too so we did and we all gave the baby a kiss per Caidence’s request.  After that, she found something she could use as her baby’s bed layed her down and even gave her a toy to comfort her because Caidence always likes to have a toy with her in bed as well.

As I watched her I realized that to her she was really showing love and care to that baby it wasn’t just a game to her and also as I watch the kids when it’s time for them to go to bed, they want to pray with each other and give hugs and kisses to each other as well and I realized that everything that we teach them even if it’s just by our action they are being taught.  That we have instilled even in our three-year-old daughter the importance of prayer and of love and care for one another and that made me realize that our actions mean so much more than I could ever imagine, our actions are helping to mold these precious children God has gifted us with and we have to be careful not to teach them to do wrong by our actions, but to always do good and to trust in God.

So, as you go about your day just remember that those little one’s see what we are doing and it has a far greater affect on them than we could ever imagine.


What has your child learned from your actions?  Any precious moments with them that you want to share?  Comment below


Update: Uh-Oh Bin

Well, I told you I would do an update on the uh-oh bin when I did the post at the beginning of last month, well, if there were something to update I would but, not once have I had to take away anything, Jeremiah has been keeping his room completely clean.  He even voluntarily cleans his own room now, I guess just knowing that those things could be taken away has made him want to be more responsible, he even goes so far as to make his bed without even being asked!

I’m so proud of him and how he makes his own decision to keep his room clean so he doesn’t have to face those consequences, it shows me how much more my sweet baby is growing and maturing.  I’m sure there will come a time that I will have to pull out the bin and some things will have to be taken away but as of now I haven’t had to.

Let me know, have you tried using the bin? If so, have you had any success with it?  I would love to hear from you.

Wonderful Blessings

“Children are a blessing from the Lord” Psalm 127:3  I love this verse, we all need to take the time and thank God for His blessings, and make sure to look at your children as blessings from Him, I know sometimes with all we go through in a day we can forget this but children truly are a blessing and we need to cherish them every single day.

Ready For Baby!


Yesterday I went to target because I had gotten a gift card from them in the mail to get something for the baby.  I don’t even remember signing up for anything but for some reason they have sent me a gift card for every one of my pregnancies, but hey, I’m not complaining.  But, as I was looking through the baby section it dawned on me that with this being our fourth child the items that I “need” have really changed.

I remember going through target when I was pregnant with Jeremiah.  Justin and I were doing the baby registry and we were scanning almost everything, and we thought we needed it all.  But, yesterday the only things I could think of that we had to have were diapers, clothes, and some bottles.  That was it, once the baby gets here we’ll add formula to that list but nothing else.  I do already have a few other things from the other babies like blankets, a bouncy seat, and the crib but other than that I really can’t think of any other necessities.  So, I just got some bottles with my gift card and a cute little dry erase calendar (not for baby but will help me remember things with my baby brain…… I wish I were joking) so now we only have to get some clothes and some diapers and we will pretty much be set until he’s here.

One other thing I realized it is that we’ve only got 90 days until he gets here.  Three months, that’s it!  How crazy is that, I just can’t believe it in 6 more days I will be in the third trimester, the home stretch.  It never ceases to amaze me how at the beginning of every pregnancy it seems to take forever and then you get this close and it’s like how in the world did it happen this fast.

Now, I have the jitters.  Not nervous about the baby, I think I got over the nervousness of childbirth after having Caidence but just the waiting game now is when time flies until the very last week.  Now is when you have to make sure to have everything ready, get plans in order for who will watch the others while you’re in the hospital, making sure to have a nice schedule going for everyone so when the baby gets here it can still feel like normal.  All of that, that’s what gets me when it gets this close to time.

So, what gets you when you realize you don’t have that much time left?  Do you get those jitters or not?

What is different from your first child versus your other pregnancies?  Have you realized what the necessities are for you do they differ from what you first thought?  Or, are you a first time mom?

Any other baby topics you want to see?  Any tips?  Just comment and let me know. 🙂

* The picture at the top is our sweet baby, we got this picture at our ultrasound on tuesday, I love the detail, he looks just like Jeremiah did when I was pregnant with him.




Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.”  Psalm 139:13-16

I love this verse, it is such a precious thing to think about especially while pregnant knowing that God formed this beautiful child inside of me.  I also love how it says we are fearfully and wonderfully made it’s just so amazing.

Going To Try This

Have you guys seen this thing (I wish I would have been the one to come up with this idea it’s great but I’m not), I saw this last week, and I thought this would be an awesome idea since Jeremiah is like almost every other 5-year-old boy out there and he has a hard time cleaning up after himself and his room is currently a disaster area!


I told him we would be starting this very soon, that he needs to go ahead and clean up his entire room and that from the moment it’s clean every night we will go through his room and if he leaves something out it will go into this bin and he will have to do a chore to get it back.

His response was “Ok, I’ll make sure to pick up all my toys, every night, I’ll never leave them out.”  So, we’ll see how long it actually does stay that way.  I’m really excited about trying it, the girls keep their room really clean and they do pick up all their toys every night so I don’t think I’ll have to use this much with them but I’m pretty sure lots of chores will be getting done by my sweet boy though.

What are all of your thoughts on this?  Do you do anything similar to this to keep the kids rooms in order or something completely different?  Let me know.  Once we get to doing this and have been doing it for a bit, I’ll let you know how it works!

Here’s what it says on the bin in case you can’t see:  You left it out mom picked it up she’s got your stuff you’re out of luck to get it back must do a chore again it is yours just like before.

Favorite Kid’s Books!!

We have a few favorite books around here, the top one’s on our list would have to be any Curious George books, the kids love them especially Jeremiah he’s the biggest fan of them.  The book Love you Forever even though I cry every time I read it is a favorite, especially at the end when I always ask will you always be my baby and I get the best answer in the world “Yes!” followed by sweet kisses.  We recently ran upon some books by David Shannon, those are pretty cute, we read the one’s called “no, David” and too many toys which our children could totally relate to 🙂 I wish I were joking!!

Jeremiah’s all time favorite bible story ever would have to be David and Goliath, and Caidence and Isabelle don’t have favorites yet, they love whichever ones are read to them!

I’m trying to read at least one book to the kids each day I want them to have a love of reading I love just getting wrapped up in a book, it becomes your own little world for a while (hopefully I’m not the only one who feels that way).

What are your favorite books to read, children’s books and one’s you read for yourself I would love to hear them, it’s always great to add to your reading collection!

More Of Our Not So Perfect Homeschooling

The other day the same school week that we learned about apples and got to make our yummy pie, we also learned all the fruit of the spirit.  “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23.  We made a fruit of the spirit tree with apples representing the fruit, and even though it’s no masterpiece, the kids loved it and though it was the neatest idea ever.  0904131714

This has helped Jeremiah and me to remember these things the Lord wants us to strive to have.  Simple things like this you wouldn’t think would have an affect really do another way I have found that homeschooling has helped me work on my walk with the Lord as well.  Just remember you don’t have to be perfect to do this.  The Lord never asked for perfection, He just wants us to trust Him to get us through.