UPDATE: Laundry Soap!!

I wanted to chime in today with a little update about the laundry soap recipe I tried!!! To say that we LOVE this stuff is a complete understatement, not only has it lasted forever I have been using it for almost a whole month now (remember we’re a family of 6 so we have a TON of laundry) and you can hardly tell it’s even been used, I still have a huge 5 gallon bucket almost completely full of it!! But, it also smells so amazing matter of fact, I had some **clean** laundry that stayed in the basket all week (Don’t judge you know you’ve done that before too) but my hubby grabbed a shirt of his from the basket and it still smelled like it had just come out of the wash, it kept that incredible smell he said he couldn’t quit smelling it :-D!! All of it was like that, there is nothing quite like wearing clothes that smell like that aaahhhhh so refreshing!!

But, now to answer the question I’m sure you’re wondering…… Does it get the clothes clean? Well, I’ll just say this yesterday Justin put on some of his shorts these shorts are some he has had for a couple years, they are the one’s he wears when he’s doing the “dirty work” they have gotten muddy and greasy and any other messy that you can think of, and looked really stained and dingy no matter how many times I washed them. Well, yesterday he said, look at what the detergent did to these shorts, they look so good. These shorts had no stains and didn’t look dingy anymore, I think I’d say that’s a win!! We also have tons of red clay in our yard which is horrible to get out of clothes but this laundry soap gets them out.

Can you tell how excited I am!!! Welcome to adulthood I’m so excited about clean laundry haha!! So, I definitely encourage you to try this out!!

Challenge #6

Is laundry getting done?  It’s a lot easier than you thought isn’t it? How are these challenges helping you out?  I would love to hear all about it!

I’m taking it a bit easy on you with this challenge, maximum time this one takes is 5 minutes and it usually shouldn’t even take nearly that long and that’s when it’s done perfectly!

CHALLENGE #6: MAKE YOUR BED That’s it, make your bed every morning, many of you may already do this, for a long time I didn’t I just felt like what was the point if I was just going to be getting back into it that night.  But, for such a simple thing it really is important and it makes a big impact.  

Just think of walking into your bedroom even if your entire room is clean if your bed is all sloppy and not made the room still looks messy and like it isn’t completely clean.  Now, think of walking into your bedroom your room is clean and your bed is made doesn’t that just seem much more relaxing?  Well, I promise you it is and you won’t be sorry, and it literally takes just minutes like I said the maximum time it should take is 5 minutes and that’s even pushing it so take that small amount of time and make your bed every single morning. Walking into your bedroom with a made bed just makes you feel refreshed.  

If you want to take it one step further get your kids to make their beds every morning too!