Challenge #9

We have come to the end of our challenges, hopefully by now these challenges have become a part of your routine and have made your life easier and your home cleaner.  Let me know how these have helped you out, comment below and tell me all about it, I would love to hear from you!

CHALLENGE #9: PLAN YOUR MEALS the final challenge I have for you is to plan out your meals, I make a meal plan once a week, it helps out so much because when dinner time rolls around it’s not a fuss and we don’t end up spending money on fast food we shouldn’t be eating anyway.  When you have a plan it’s much, much easier. It also makes grocery shopping much less stressful.  

I suggest making a plan for the week only do one week at a time especially at first so it’s not hard for you to stick to and just because you have a meal plan doesn’t mean you have to eat certain meals on certain nights, we don’t always know what we’re going to want to eat days ahead of time so we plan meals we know we like and we go buy those groceries and then every day we take a look at our list and pick a meal we would like to have that night just make sure that if you plan a meal that take a little work ahead of time such as beans that need to be soaked or if you are going to be using a whole chicken plan enough ahead of time so they have time to soak or thaw.  It’s really not hard at all but it does relieve stress once it’s time to cook.