Challenge #8

Now we are pretty far into our challenges, how are you liking them?  Is it easier than you thought or harder?  How are they going are you enjoying your house more now that it’s staying cleaner?   Let me know comment below but, now onto challenge #8 which is one of those challenges that will in turn help you out with a couple of our previous challenges.

CHALLENGE #8: PICK UP AS YOU GO, if you make sure to clean up after yourself as you go throughout the day then you won’t have a big mess at the end of the day to clean.  Think of this if you are like me and you cook every meal each day, you pull out the ingredients and make the meal but what happens if after you make the meal you don’t put those items away, after cooking 3 meals that day, it’s a lot of stuff.  Or, if you as you go throughout the day you use all sorts of things but don’t put them in their place.  You finish up with school for the day and leave out all your supplies or maybe you put them up for the most part but a few things still stay out, all of that adds up to a lot of clutter, so make sure you pick up after yourself as soon as you are done with one thing, clean up and then start on the next thing.  

This will help out with keeping the counters clear because if you pick up as you go, your counters should already be empty so all you have to do is wipe them down, the dishes will already all be put in the sink or the dishwasher ready to be washed and if you have been cleaning one room per day this will also cut down on work you have to do in those rooms.  

Just make a habit of it, and one more thing that helps with this is make sure you don’t leave a room empty handed if you see something out of place in a room pick it up and put it away that simple!