How To Stay Happy In Your Marriage!

Today is my 7th anniversary yes it’s true, I’ve been married to my wonderful hubby today for 7 years! I must admit it doesn’t feel like a long time but, you would think that after being married for this long I would have some amazing marriage wisdom to share, or have tons of answers to so many marriage questions but you want to know something? Well, do ya?


….. in all these years of marriage I have came to one conclusion, if we don’t have Christ at the center of our marriage, then we really have nothing. That’s honestly the best thing I have to share. regardless of where you are in your marriage or even if your just about to get married I can tell you that it’s not going to work if you don’t have Christ in the center.

You have also got to be prepared to fight. Like most anything in life, a wonderful happy marriage doesn’t come free, it comes at a cost and all you have to do is work for it. Fight for it with all your might, no matter what you can never give up and pray for your spouse and yourself. Don’t think they are the only one’s with the issues because let me tell you, God has a way of letting you know when you’re wrong.

Another tip for a happy marriage that I have to share with you is that you never allow divorce to be an option. For Justin and I we will never worry about divorce because we know that it’s just not an option… period! It’s not spoken of we don’t throw around that word when we get in an argument, it just doesn’t happen.

Now, last but not least this one should be the easiest. Just relax and have fun, if you can’t have fun with your spouse…. LEARN TO!! I can truly be myself with Justin no matter what, yes I may seem silly to others but to him it’s great and the same goes for him, we joke around and mess with one another all the time, we do have a strange sense of humor picking at one another so much but it’s so nice to be so comfortable with the one you love.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading my marriage “tips” and hope you stick around to read some more of my posts, but, until then comment below and let me know what you thought of my tips, how long have you been married, and what are some tips you have to share? I would love to hear from you all!

UPDATE: Laundry Soap!!

I wanted to chime in today with a little update about the laundry soap recipe I tried!!! To say that we LOVE this stuff is a complete understatement, not only has it lasted forever I have been using it for almost a whole month now (remember we’re a family of 6 so we have a TON of laundry) and you can hardly tell it’s even been used, I still have a huge 5 gallon bucket almost completely full of it!! But, it also smells so amazing matter of fact, I had some **clean** laundry that stayed in the basket all week (Don’t judge you know you’ve done that before too) but my hubby grabbed a shirt of his from the basket and it still smelled like it had just come out of the wash, it kept that incredible smell he said he couldn’t quit smelling it :-D!! All of it was like that, there is nothing quite like wearing clothes that smell like that aaahhhhh so refreshing!!

But, now to answer the question I’m sure you’re wondering…… Does it get the clothes clean? Well, I’ll just say this yesterday Justin put on some of his shorts these shorts are some he has had for a couple years, they are the one’s he wears when he’s doing the “dirty work” they have gotten muddy and greasy and any other messy that you can think of, and looked really stained and dingy no matter how many times I washed them. Well, yesterday he said, look at what the detergent did to these shorts, they look so good. These shorts had no stains and didn’t look dingy anymore, I think I’d say that’s a win!! We also have tons of red clay in our yard which is horrible to get out of clothes but this laundry soap gets them out.

Can you tell how excited I am!!! Welcome to adulthood I’m so excited about clean laundry haha!! So, I definitely encourage you to try this out!!

Handy Tip For You!

Well, just the other day we had our first experience with gum getting stuck into a child’s hair.  Our sweet Caidence apparently got gum in her hair and didn’t say anything to us, so as I’m getting ready for bath time that morning I notice a big glob of gum not only stuck, but embedded into her hair.  I didn’t know what to do, I had no clue of how to get it out and I certainly didn’t want to cut it out.  Caidence hasn’t had a haircut yet and I really don’t want to cut it yet and I really, really didn’t want to ever cut it as short as it would have to be to get that gum out.

Here it is, and yes, that is a nice huge glob of gum!

gum in caidences hair  So, what could I do?  Well, I had heard before that you could try to use oil to try and get gum out but I really didn’t think it would work, I didn’t see how.  Maybe if it was just barely stuck, but not with hers where the hair somehow got wrapped all around this gum.  But, hey it was certainly worth a shot and I was going to try everything before I would even think of cutting her hair.  So, I got some extra virgin olive oil poured it into a container:


olive oil for caidence  Then, I took the gum and attached hair and just let it soak for a bit in the container.  After that it took a little bit of time just working the oil around the gum to try and free it from the hair.  Slowly but surely I discovered we were actually making progress.  This whole process took several minutes and it didn’t come out in one large piece but it did eventually come all the way out.

caidence when soaking hair  After adding the oil and getting the gum out and a nice washing of the hair here it is, no gum!!  You will need to wash the hair a couple of times to get rid of all the oil but it was totally worth the time it took to get it out, and, to my surprise my sweet girl who usually is very tender headed didn’t even mind me having to do all this for the most part.


caidence after gum


Tip #2 Being An Intentional Mommy

This tip should come after the prayer and this is when we can either trust God to give us the wisdom and patience to do what we should in disciplining our children or we could choose to go our own way and disregard Him.  So, after you pray you need to make yourself think before you speak or act:

Usually how my days are they start out wonderfully and then the kids all start to come out of their rooms everyone is being so sweet, cute and loving,  and then for some reason breakfast time brings out the worst in them and the arguments start “mama, she’s too close to me.”  “stop looking at me.”  “This isn’t what I wanted for breakfast” and the list goes on and on, now I could choose to do one of two things, I could think about what’s going on, I could choose to think out my actions before I open my mouth to discipline and I could be calm and gentle with my children as the bible wants me to do “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but harsh words stir up anger.” Proverbs 15:1 or, I could choose to do it my way, choose the way of the flesh which in turn causes me to sin as well, and loose my cool, get angry, and most likely make the rest of the day stressful.  Now, they aren’t all this way and most of the time even when they are like this as soon as everyone cleans up from breakfast and our day starts going they soon realize how much we all love each other and they start showing that love and start helping one another out and caring for one another but at this point if I chose to go my own way, my attitude is out of check and I let myself get in the way of us having a good day.  But, if I chose to first go to the Lord in prayer, do what He has to say and continue to think before I speak or act we usually have a really great day.

That’s not to say that there aren’t a ton of more arguments and that’s also not to say that your children won’t still be disobedient but, if you make sure to be intentional and follow these tips, it is so much easier to deal with and you can soon go on with your day with a great attitude.

Look for intentional mommy tip #3 next week!  Comment below to let me know how this is helping you become an intentional parent!

Being An Intentional Mommy

I’ve done several posts on caring for the home, but now I’m going to focus on caring for your children, and one of the best ways we can do this is to be intentional.

The term intentional means: done in a way that is planned or intended.  It doesn’t always come naturally, we have to plan it out, practice it, and keep at it to make it habit.  I have been working at being intentional in my parenting, but I find that I’m not being intentional enough.  So, mom’s (or dad’s) let’s do this the right way, together.

Our children aren’t just our job or just our responsibility, they are a blessing from God, He gave them to us to love, to train, and guide them in this life.  What is a better way to do this than to be intentional with them as much as we can.

This isn’t going to be easy, and as the definition shows, it’s not going to just come to us we have to try at this and try very hard.  When we feel like giving up or that it’s just not going to do any good, that’s when we need to push the most.

I’m going to do several posts over the next few weeks with some tips on being intentional in different areas in our parenting I only want to focus on one a week, once we’ve done the one tip for the week we’ll add a new one so it’s not too much at once and we either forget about some or we have a really hard day (especially if you have several little one’s and it gets really hard).

So, until then be thinking of what the term intentional means to you and how you would like to be intentional in your parenting.  Look for tip #1 tomorrow.