Do your children do chores?  I have chores that our kids do each day Caidence always helps with laundry she puts the clothes in the washer and then takes them out of the dryer and Jeremiah does the dishes, he unloads the dishwasher and puts up what he can and Isabelle has the easy part of just being a baby for now.  Of course other than this, the older two have to clean their own rooms, if they make a mess they clean up after themselves, they have to put away their dirty dishes and clothes etc. but, until recently this was all was all that they were doing and for a while I was fine with that.  

Then I got to thinking, they enjoy doing these chores for now which I know won’t last, but not only that but we are constantly training our children to live in this world, to know how to work diligently and to learn all these tasks they will have to know in life and I realized that even though they were doing these things everyday, it wasn’t enough.  I also want them to learn that we work as if they were working for the Lord which we all are (Colossians 3:23  “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”).  So, was trying to think of what they were actually capable of not just what I thought they could do but what are they truly capable of even if it means they have to try really hard.  Well, now we have added to Jeremiah’s list vacuuming which he has been wanting to do forever anyway and he gets to help hang up laundry as well, and Caidence now gets to help out with getting the dishes out of the dishwasher with her big brother (which is also getting them to learn to work together even better) and she gets to sweep the kitchen.  I’m thinking of letting them let the task of moping and drying the floor but haven’t done it yet so we will just see.  

Maybe to you reading this it doesn’t seem like much and it should be obvious that they should be able to do these things but to me it wasn’t I still saw them as being smaller than they are and not capable of many things but that couldn’t be further from the truth children are wonderful and intelligent and know and can do much more than we give them credit for.  Also, to some of you it may be too much, you may not agree with children doing chores in the home, but that’s your own choice but for us, I really want to raise our children to learn how to work hard and to work for the Lord and I believe it’s best to start them young while they love it so it will be normal to them to do chores when they really, really don’t want to.  

So, what are your thoughts, do your children do chores, what are they and why did you choose to have them do them?  Or, do you not give your children chores to do and why did you choose not to have them do it?  I would love to hear from you all!