Water Gun Painting

Wow, it sure has been a while hasn’t it! It has been close to two years since I have written anything here. I have mostly been spending my time making videos on youtube instead of writing because well, sometimes life gets really busy and picking up a camera is easier than sitting down to write but I also love the creative outlet of video. But, I also enjoy writing so I figured I may try to get back into writing just a bit as well and what better way to start than to share a fun activity we just did!

Now, I do have to share that the idea for this is not my own but, we did a little different twist to ours if you would like to see where I got this idea from you can check that out here: Fire Flies And Mud Pies Squirt Gun Painting

The kids had so much fun with this activity! We did this activity in collaboration with a few other YouTubers and I will link the video here so you can check them all out! 6inthemix squirt gun painting

Water Gun Painting thumbnail

We ended up having to take this activity inside because of the weather and honestly I thought I was looking at cleaning up a HUGE mess when we were done but it really wasn’t that messy now, I have a feeling that if we had the large super soakers outside then the kids would have paint all over them which we will totally have to do one day!

Now, let’s talk about what you’re going to need! I kept this activity inexpensive and simple and got everything from the dollar tree except for the paper which we already had on hand!

Here’s what you need:

  • Squirt guns (I recommend getting one per color you’re going to use)
  • Paint (we used fingerpaint but many types of paint can be used)
  • Paper (we chose printer paper, again keep it simple most paper will work for this)

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how I got the paint into the squirt guns right?? Well, that was a little tougher than I had thought. I did mix the paint with water I made sure not to water the colors down too much because I wanted them to show up well but I did enough so it was fairly easy to pour. I tried pouring it into the spout… that didn’t work. So, plan b…… pull out the turkey baster of course and that worked like a charm! Now, if you don’t have a turkey baster a little medicine syringe would work just as well!


squirt gun painting.png

Here’s how I kept the paint from dripping all over! 

Here comes the fun! Let the kids take turns squirting the paint onto the paper!

squirt gun painting.png


squirt gun painting.png

I loved seeing how different each of the kids created their artwork!

squirt gun painting


squirt gun painting.png

squirt gun painting.png

Since we took our painting inside we didn’t hang them up while we painted like suggested in the original idea so, after the kids were done I helped them gently lift their papers up and let the excess paint fall off, here is what they look like after we did that!


squirt gun painting

How neat is that! 


And that’s how simple it is, literally all the cleanup I had to do was a quick wipe down of the counter and to rinse out the squirt guns after we finished, that’s it!! I also only spend $2 on this activity minus the paper but you can find paper at the dollar tree as well, so not only is this activity so much fun but, it’s inexpensive, and simple! It works very well inside and outside as well!


Comment below and let me know if you give this a try I would love to hear how it turned out for you!


If you want to watch step-by-step how we did this then check out our video here: Step-by-step video


Thank you all for stopping by to read this post, I hope you enjoyed it, if you did give it a share and comment below! I will be trying to post a bit more frequently and sharing our videos as well!

Simple Scrumptious Soup!

Ahh, soup! Nothing better and more delicious during all this cold weather!
I realized it’s been awhile since I’ve shared my potato soup recipe but I wanted to bring back and oldie but a goodie with a little bit of a twist.

So, last time I shared my recipe it was my version of a crock-pot potato soup but this time I’m just going for the yummy one pot potato soup that’s really just as simple as my crock-pot version but I believe this one offers up it’s own yummy flavors!

Now, I know I like to share step by step recipes but when I cook at home more times than not a recipe is either not used at all, or I just go by texture, look, and taste instead of measuring out exact amounts but, for the sake of this post I’ll try to give the exact amounts……. or at least really, really close!

Make sure you peel and chop your potatoes before beginning to make the soup or have someone helping you to do this while you get started. Jeremiah is my potato peeler and chopper, he loves to do this job so anytime we have potato soup he knows what his job is!

For starters all you’re going to do is melt some butter I prefer real butter but if all you have is margarine on hand then that’s okay it just has a little bit of difference in flavor. Just add in about 1/4 C. While your butter’s melting go ahead and start cooking your bacon I know I said one-pot meal but on this night I didn’t cook the bacon in the pot but if you do you can certainly use the drippings from the bacon in place of the butter…. YUM!

Once your butter is melted grate in some yummy garlic, and with garlic at least in this house, the more the better!


Let me also suggest that if you don’t already have a really good quality zester/grater, get one now! It saves so much time and gives you perfectly grated garlic! Also, even though you do have to hold the garlic to grate it, that garlic smell doesn’t stay on your hands like it does when you have to hold it while you’re cutting it and it’s so much easier. I suggest checking out this Best Premium Zester Grater from Smarty Pants Supplies (Isn’t that the cutest name ever!)

Once you get your desired amount of garlic you can also add in 1/2 white onion. I usually don’t add onion because my wonderful hubby doesn’t like the texture of onions but I do absolutely love the flavor and texture they add so I do occasionally have this soup for lunch when it’s just me and the kids.

Your next step is to add flour, now I’m going to be totally honest here I really don’t know any exact measurements on the flour that I really just do go by texture on this one but the basic amount you want to start with is equal to your butter so if you add in 1/4 C. butter add in 1/4 C. flour but the more you make this recipe the more you will learn. You’re just making a roux it gives your soup a great flavor and it also helps to thicken it a bit. I let my roux with the garlic simmer on low/medium for about 2-3 minutes or until the roux starts to turn a light golden brown.

Now, the super easy part, just add in your desired amount of water, I usually add in about 6 cups of water and add in the correct amount of chicken base or you can also use half chicken broth and half water. Then add in your potatoes and bring it to a boil!



At this point all you’re going to do is let your soup boil for about 2 minutes then simmer for 15 or until your potatoes are soft. Just stir occasionally and at the very end you’re going to add in just a bit of milk or heavy cream depending on the thickness you’re wanting. I usually add in about 1 C. Then, serve the soup and top with bacon and yummy cheese and to complete the meal serve with some delicious dinner rolls! Enjoy!

*I received the grater/zester for free in return for my honest, unbiased review!


Cookware Recovery!

You know what type of cookware is my absolute favorite? Well, okay to be honest I have a few but there’s one type that just stands out to me beyond all the others, living in the South there’s nothing quite like preparing a delicious Southern style meal for my family than using cast iron cookware!

You also know what really, really stinks? When that cookware rusts! Talk about being really upset. Well, I was actually given a beautiful cast iron skillet my Daddy gave this one to me to use and I was so excited but, it was rusted pretty bad. I did my research and decided to finally give what appeared to me the best way a good try, and oh goodness am I glad I did!

So, you may be wondering what I had to do, probably thinking that it took me forever and a ton of money in products to do so because well, to get cast iron back to a good state isn’t easy or cheap right? WRONG! I’m so happy to say that’s wrong! Want to know what I used?

Salt, and a potato!

Yup, that’s it, salt and a sliced potato. Want to know what else, I figured I would be investing probably an hour or more into this project until it was finally looking good. Well, it took me all of 18 minutes from start to finish!

20151124_200230 (1)

The steps are so simple, fill the bottom of your cast iron cookware with some salt (no more that 1/4C.) add in a few teaspoons of water, slice your potato in half and get to scrubbing. That’s it! You may have to add in some more salt occasionally but that’s all. Once it looks good and you’ve removed all the rust rinse it off and re-season.

**To re-season just rub your cast iron down with lard set your oven to 375 F, place it in a deep pan upside down (to catch the excess oil) and heat it for 1 hour, after the hour turn the oven off and let the cast iron cookware cool down in the oven.


 To watch this process be done by me check out my video and you’ll be ready to fix and re-season your own cast iron cookware! Just Click Here!


Little One’s Having Trouble Falling Asleep?

Do you all have little one’s who struggle to get comfy? I know for Jeremiah our oldest he goes to bed at the same time as his sisters but he’s always the last one asleep. Part of it has to do with the fact that he’s all boy and loves to be creative and his creative juices get to flowing a lot at night and he has so many ideas to share.

But, another reason I believe is that he’s been using the same “little kid” pillows for quite a while. The kind that aren’t extremely soft and the stuffing is all bunchy from many night of being slept on and being washed over and over again. So, we tried a new pillow! It’s the Angel Baby Organic Toddler Pillow  (click the link to see how awesome it is for yourself)  From Angel Baby Products! I have to say did I really think there would be a big difference in Jeremiah’s sleeping? Not much but guess what I was really surprised.

My sweet boy who usually takes at least an hour or more to actually fall asleep was asleep within 15 minute! Yes, only 15 minutes, and not only that but he actually woke up in a much better mood than usual. Now, I don’t know if the mood change can be credited to the pillow but I don’t doubt that it helped him get a much better nights sleep which attributed to that good mood. Once I tried this pillow out I just had to share it with you all! Not only is it ventilated so if you’ve got sleepers like mine who like to stuff their faces into their pillows it’s really safe, also the cover is made of organic cotton and there is memory foam on the inside.


I was so surprised at how soft and lovely the pillow is it feels amazing and we are seriously taking turns sleeping with this pillow because it is so comfy!



*Disclaimer: I was given this product for free and agreed to do an honest, unbiased review.


Then They Grow

I had an opportunity last night to be reminded of how precious my children are to me, I also got to see how quickly they change and grow. As I was going through watching old videos I had recorded I saw my precious Jeremiah and Caidence when they were my only two and then when right after we had Isabelle before Ethan was even though of. I got to see their sweet faces that still had some baby chubbs on them. I got to hear their precious voices, it’s crazy how even their voices change so much and you don’t even realize it.

I also go to see my babies practically grow in front of my eyes and I realized the exact point in which Jeremiah went from young child to my little boy. Watching it seemed like it just flew by so quickly and then to see them now is incredible. Part of that made me sad, I know I’ll never get those baby years back and you start to question yourself as a parent. You wonder if you’ve done things right or if you made it good enough for them, and then I remember how just a couple days ago Jeremiah and Caidence leaped into my arms telling me they loved me so much that they would never let me go. Also, how I see Jeremiah growing each day into a young man. He has such a heart for others as does Caidence and it warms my heart so and I’m so thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ because without Him myself and my children would be nothing like we are today.

I also had to take the time to think this morning when I sat with all 4 of my children watching them eat their breakfast of chocolate chip waffles and sausage I realized that Isabelle and Ethan are in the stages that Jeremiah and Caidence were going through in the videos I watched last night, and I look forward to watching my children grow and learn and love and I intend on being the very best for them I can possibly ever be with the Lord’s help.

So, to all you parents, hold onto this time yes, but also don’t be sad because although they are growing quickly and it seems like a flash before your eyes they are precious in every stage of life, just give them what they need, your love and the knowledge of Christ. Share these things with them daily and it will all be alright.

How To Stay Happy In Your Marriage!

Today is my 7th anniversary yes it’s true, I’ve been married to my wonderful hubby today for 7 years! I must admit it doesn’t feel like a long time but, you would think that after being married for this long I would have some amazing marriage wisdom to share, or have tons of answers to so many marriage questions but you want to know something? Well, do ya?


….. in all these years of marriage I have came to one conclusion, if we don’t have Christ at the center of our marriage, then we really have nothing. That’s honestly the best thing I have to share. regardless of where you are in your marriage or even if your just about to get married I can tell you that it’s not going to work if you don’t have Christ in the center.

You have also got to be prepared to fight. Like most anything in life, a wonderful happy marriage doesn’t come free, it comes at a cost and all you have to do is work for it. Fight for it with all your might, no matter what you can never give up and pray for your spouse and yourself. Don’t think they are the only one’s with the issues because let me tell you, God has a way of letting you know when you’re wrong.

Another tip for a happy marriage that I have to share with you is that you never allow divorce to be an option. For Justin and I we will never worry about divorce because we know that it’s just not an option… period! It’s not spoken of we don’t throw around that word when we get in an argument, it just doesn’t happen.

Now, last but not least this one should be the easiest. Just relax and have fun, if you can’t have fun with your spouse…. LEARN TO!! I can truly be myself with Justin no matter what, yes I may seem silly to others but to him it’s great and the same goes for him, we joke around and mess with one another all the time, we do have a strange sense of humor picking at one another so much but it’s so nice to be so comfortable with the one you love.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading my marriage “tips” and hope you stick around to read some more of my posts, but, until then comment below and let me know what you thought of my tips, how long have you been married, and what are some tips you have to share? I would love to hear from you all!

How To Cut Your Own Hair!


You guys I went out on a limb today. I decided to go outside my comfort zone and do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time that will help us and hopefully you save some money! I CUT MY OWN HAIR!! Yes, that’s right I did it and I’m so happy I did.

It took some time to talk myself into giving it a go but I went for it. I really like how it turned out I think in total I took off about 3 inches of my hair and now it can be healthy and start growing well again. So, just click to watch the video and I’ll take you step by step!

The steps are:

  • Brush your hair out really well make sure it had no tangles
  • Put it all in a ponytail at the front top of your head (you can see what I mean in the video)
  • Brush it out again while in the ponytail then pick the length you want gone and cut.

Comment below and let me know if you decide to give it a try, I’d love to hear about it from you!